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  1. Just stoppin by to say Hello!!!! Just celebrated 2 years
  2. I totally agree I always avoided relationships with guys with kids but low and behold my husband got in the door lol
  3. Sent a message for the lip balms
  4. Hi Negritadr! Welcome and congrats!
  5. Well well well Teamboyd2012 I hope you know how to pray! We have similar situation only the ages are different. I'm serious about the prayer but I sometimes wonder if I would have came in my SK lives when they were a little younger if that would have made it better. I will say this I've been in the picture for going on 8 years now the oldest is 18(girl) and we have the best relationship of them all. The 16 and 13 year old both boys are in there teenage phase of life so those are the issues I'm dealing with. The youngest is 7(boy), their mother was pregnant when we first met, they all have
  6. $25 total for 3 bags of shells and 3 sets of napkins(150) and shipping. I have a PayPal account so if you're still interested I can send you my info to make the payment.
  7. I'll check today at the post office and let you know
  8. I have 30 pages of the casual style pages that did not get used at my AHR for sale. PM me if interested!
  9. I'm positive I have 4 but I might have another one, 5 total. I need to look through all my stuff that was packed up at the end of the night.
  10. These were special made from an Etsy seller. They're great for recognizing parents, grand parents, children, or just anyone special.
  11. Send me a message if you want anything, each item below $5
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