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  1. Hello Everyone, Were Booked at the Moon Palace Punta Cana too, Hope its all complete, i've read reviews that it wasn't as of yet..100% anyways does anyone have an idea if they offer all the wedding packages that are at moon palace mexico? thanks
  2. Hi There, new to this thread, We Decided to get married at the Moon Palace in Punta Cana in April 2010 hope its fully complete by then...this is a great resourse for DB Has Anyone else considered Moon Palace
  3. The Terminal --- Catherine Zeta-Jones this is a great game
  4. Jeff & Bonnie ->>>April 9th 2010--->> Moon Palace Punta Cana
  5. it all depends on the size of your family, we both have large family's so our invite list is gonna be big, will see how many show up...we've sent our save the day invites out early to give family and friends enough time to decide...like Nanner said many will make a vacation out of it.....and who couldn't use a vacation
  6. Hi everyone! Another newbie here. We are getting married in November 2009 in Los Cobos This site is great, like having your own personal "been there, done that" friend to help you decide Nice to meet you all,
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