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  1. Has anyone done their bachelorette party in PV? How much is your average price for cover and drinks in these clubs? Thanks!!
  2. Thanks so much for your message, Kathy! I am so excited to use Kristin as well - already she has been fab!
  3. Kathy - I've just decided that I'm going to use Kristin from DD and am SO excited! Great to hear that you've been really happy with her service. How exactly does the process work? Did she send you a few ideas for the "theme" for you to choose from? Is there anything above and beyond what Kristin supplies that I should be taking care of? Thanks so much! Jen
  4. I think I'm going to go with Dazzling Details...but does anyone know if it is possible to also incorporate elements of the free Dreams wedding package (ie the dress prep, late check-out, honeymoon package, spa discount, etc) if you're not actually using the WC services there? Thanks!
  5. I'm thinking of using DD as well - their gallery is amazing!! Do they take care of catering, etc or is still through the resort? Is the cost significantly higher to go with them?
  6. Hi ladies, Does anyone have some info on prices for "extras" like private receptions, etc? I am getting married Nov 2009 and REALLY would like to do it at Dreams!! My e-mail address is micahandjenwedding@gmail.com Thanks so much!!
  7. Hi ladies! I just got engaged this weekend but my bridesmaids and I are already in crazy planning mode! The wedding will be mid-Feb 2010 and I am totally leaning towards GSP. It seems so luxurious but is still in the budget of our friends. We'll likely upgrade to Platinum. I would sooo appreciate any pics, documents, etc that you girls have received from the WC out there. I will be having about 40 guests and would like to have the ceremony on the beach, a private beach reception (and dance) and am also interested in the welcome reception/margarita party! I was thinking about bringing in my own flowers and cake (from outside of the resort) but it sounds like there are a lot of options here! If you could e-mail me at micahandjenwedding@gmail.com with any info that you're willing to share that would be FABULOUS!!!!
  8. Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer and I just got engaged last weekend!! My wedding is planned for mid-Feb 2010 and we would like to go to an all inclusive in Mexico. We're leaning towards Grand Sunset Princess in Mayan Riviera. I'm a non-profit event planner by profession but have never planned a wedding before! My bridesmaids and I are all SO excited! You really realize how amazing your girlfriends are when you start planning a wedding - it's been 6 days and I've been getting suggestions for dresses, flowers and parties already!!
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