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  1. I got married at the Hilton in November and it was fabulous. It couldn't have been better. Two of our wedding guests went to another wedding at the Riu earlier in the week and they said our wedding was exponentially better. But, to be fair, the other wedding was really low budget. Our wedding was so fun and our guests enjoyed the hotel so much, some of us are actually planning on going back together again next November. I would highly recommend the Hilton.
  2. Hi Everyone! I am just back from my November 21 wedding at the Hilton Los Cabos. I'm heading for my honeymoon tomorrow, but I wanted to post a quick review since everyone has been so helpful to me. I will try to provide a more detailed review later. Hilton Los Cabos: Absolutely fabulous! The food was delicious and the service throughout the trip and of course during the wedding was fantastic. The wedding coordinator Tathiana was very responsive and extremely helpful. Juan Carlos Tapia (Photographer): Juan Carlos was very easy to work with and seems like he really takes care in what he does. I obviously don't have the pictures yet, but so far we really liked working with him. He is not cheap, but my DH and I think the pics will be worth the extra money. Juan Carlos was very cooperative, especially considering I accidentally overpaid him and missed our first meeting with him. He was accomodating and understanding despite our own mishaps. Whoops. Suzanne Morel: Suzanne Morel's staff was timely and responsive. The hair and makeup for me and my friends turned out really great. They also worked pretty quickly, which was nice. I needed a last minute nail fill and they were also really cooperative. DJ Richie: DJ Richie was also fantastic to work with. He was extremely responsive, had all the music we needed, and did a great job MC-ing the wedding. He was also really fast when people made requests, which is nice for drunk guests with short attention spans. Gilda Badillo: We used Gilda as our photographer for our trash the dress session because she was cheaper than Juan Carlos. She was fun to work with and seems experienced with TTDs. She had us take pictures in some beautiful settings. The only drawback was that some of the positions she wanted us in required to look almost directly into the sun so we were squinting hard. It would have been nice to either have us positioned differently or for her to have advised us to schedule the photo session for a time where the sun would not be directly in our eyes. Cabo Flowers: The flowers we received were pretty good. Not fantastic. My bouquet of lilies turned out to be a different color than I wanted. They were more chocolatey purple than pinky purple. I can't say I was terribly surprised b/c when I showed her the picture of the exact bouquet I wanted, she showed me these chocolatey lilies. She assured me that they were the same ones as in the photo or they could dye others. I don't know if she forgot or what exactly happened. My bouquet wasn't an ugly color, just not the right color. Some of the cala lillies also started falling apart before the reception even started. The other flowers looked very nice though. More details later. Also, feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions. I'm happy to help. I'll be on my honeymoon for a couple of weeks, but I will respond when I return. Connie C
  3. I would recommend that you book late in October. My FI and I visited last October 16-19 and it was still really hot. In light of the heat, we decided to book our wedding for late November. The hotel wedding coordinator said that weather-wise she would suggest late October to early December.
  4. Michelle, Thanks for the great and detailed review. It's so helpful, especially when I've booked most of the same vendors. I hope my wedding is a resounding success like yours. :-)
  5. Hi Michelle and Nicole, We tasted the beef tenderloin with mushrooms in the oyster sauce and it was fantastic. The seabass was good but weak in flavor so we decided to opt for the salmon instead (per the chef's recommendation). The lobster was also big and phenomenal. We also enjoyed the lobster bisque quite a bit. We had one of the green salads which was okay, but we decided to go with the spinach salad and the salad with chicken in tangerine dressing instead. The canapes were also fantastic. We decided to avoid the cheese canapes because we may opt for a cheese plate. But the tuna tartar in quail eggs, mushrooms with baja style crab, and the salami sausage with asparagus were all great and we're going with them, along with a few other recommendations from Dulce (the shrimp with horseradish sauce, crab toast with avocado cream and the thai rolls). We are using Maye Cortinas as our outside wedding coordinator, DJ Ricardo, Juan Carlos Tapia, Suzanne Morel, and Jennifer Hatton (for our cake). The florist is a recommendation from Maye. I don't know the name but it is a few doors down from Suzanne Morel's salon and owned by two women named Francine and Donna. We met with Donna and she seemed very knowledgeable and the flowers we saw looked nice. Please feel free to email me with any other questions you may have. I'm happy to help (and learn) however I can: conniechuang @ gmail.com Hi Kate! Congratulations on the bambino!
  6. Hi Everyone, Nicole, you're getting married 2 days before at the Hilton. I'm actually going to be at the hotel when you're getting married (I promise not to hit your open bar). I'm actually in Cabo right now on the tail end of my tasting trip to try food and meet with vendors. Let me know if any of you have any questions or just let me know what you're doing so we can compare notes. Connie
  7. Thank you, Michelle. I have a Chase Visa also, maybe I should start using that instead of my Citibank Mastercard.
  8. Hi Michelle, Yes, unfortunately, the bank still charges a foreign transaction fee even though the Hilton charges in dollars. My credit card charged me a foreign transaction fee on the deposit I paid the Hilton. I was thinking about getting a Capital One card for that reason, but I was hoping to find a check card with a lower or no foreign transaction fee. WaMu used to only charge 1% but they changed when Chase bought them out.
  9. I'm in the midst of planning my November wedding at the Hilton and I realized that the 3% foreign transaction fee my bank charges adds up (not to mention the 10% government tax and 13-15% service charge). Has anyone else thought about this? What tips do you have to avoid the extra foreign transaction fees? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi Ladies, I'm getting married at the Hilton on November 21 this year. I hired an outside wedding coordinator because I wanted someone who would have my interest at heart, and not the hotel's (maybe that's just my own paranoia). We've hired Juan Carlos, who is one of the pricier photographers, DJ Ricardo, and an outside videographer. I'm not using any of the vendors through the Hilton. My contract did not limit me to Hilton vendors. Michelle and I both happen to be lawyers, so we were on the look out for that language. I'm having a wonderful time planning (minus the expenses since we're paying for the wedding ourselves). My fiance and I are doing our tasting in Cabo in mid-April so let me know if you want us to check anything out. The restaurant at the hotel is nice with a great view. It would be less intimate since you'd have hotel guests there, but I'm sure the Hilton would make it nice. I'm not sure how much you would save because the restaurant isn't that cheap to begin with. Connie
  11. My fiance and I have been thinking about a casual taco buffet for our welcome dinner, but our hotel won't let us bring it in (unless we do it in our hotel room). Any place like that with a venue? I think it's an awesome idea.
  12. Thank you all for your responses! Great suggestions. Barefoot may be the way to go IF the sand isn't too hot. If the sand is hot, I may need to have a contingency plan. Maybe I'll test it out when I'm there in April for my tasting. I just don't want to be stumbling down the aisle because shoes are digging in the sand, even sandals are hard to walk in on the sand (I think). Thanks again everyone.
  13. I'm getting married at the Hilton in November on the beach. My dress is a little formal to wear without heels, but I don't know how I could wear heels on the beach. Anyone know if the Hilton does a walkway or something? Also good to know for my wedding party and others who have to walk down. Should I just go barefoot? I always wear heels b/c I'm short, but, really, I'm short even in heels so what's the difference. What are you doing?
  14. We are inviting about 40 people for our November 2009 wedding. We haven't sent out STDs or anything yet, but we think most invitees will come. We are pretty much inviting people we know will come.
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