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  1. Hi! I have been to Merrimans for weddings and it is absolutely gorgeous! I live here on Maui so I've seen some pretty amazing venues but Merriman's seriously took my breath away! Ocean views from every angle, just blue water all around you, so pretty!! Feel free to message me if I can help you with anything else! I was a Maui destination wedding bride before I moved here so I know how hard it is to plan from so far away!
  2. Nicole119

    Honua Kai Estate (Sugarman)

    Hi! I live here in Maui and have been to tons weddings at the Sugarman Estate! I have never experienced high winds there at all, it's beautiful and such a large space. You are definitely allowed inside the house and many times the bride and the groom both get ready there because there are separate bedrooms to get ready in. There is also a large family room where your wedding party, family, etc. can relax before the wedding begins. As far as parking, there isn't a large lot but there is street parking. Feel free to send me a private message if I can help you with anything else!
  3. Nicole119

    Getting started with...everything!

    Hi! I would definitely recommend that you search for and hire a good wedding coordinator, that will help to relieve so much of the leg work such as minister, florals, hair & makeup, etc. I've worked with Kara before too and she is awesome! I live here on Maui so feel free to pick my brain if you have any more questions!
  4. Nicole119


    HI! I am a Maui bride who also lives here in Maui and would be happy to help! Here are a couple of my favorite florists, have you tried either of these? I know them personally and have worked with both of them so I know they are reliable. Let me know if I can help you with anything else! I also have a blog with Maui wedding inspiration if you want you can find me at gorgeousmauiweddings.com, it's purely inspirational stuff for Maui weddings. Bella Grace Flowers: http://www.bellagraceflowers.com/ Dellables: http://www.dellables.com/
  5. Hi Lisa, Not sure if you're still looking but I used A Dream Wedding Maui Style and Tracy Flanagan, the owner, is AWESOME!! Nicole
  6. Mike Sidney is AWESOME! He did a 1-hour anniversary portrait for my husband and I and the photos are insane!! They are gracing the walls of our home and everyone that sees them is amazed and how professional and awesome and dramatic they are (exactly what I wanted!), seriously looks like we were shot by some famous hollywood photographer!! www.mikesidney.com
  7. Nicole119

    Maui Wedding

    Tracy at A Dream Wedding Maui Style is awesome!! She is so knowledgeable about everything Maui!! Great choice on working with her!!
  8. Hi Kimberly, Congratulations on deciding on Hawaii!! I think Maui is the best island to get married on but I might be a little biased since I live here on Maui! A White Orchid Wedding is great and very professional, their weddings are always amazing! A Dream Wedding Maui Style is really good as well and might be a little less expensive. The state of Hawaii doesn't allow "props" such as chairs, arches, etc. on it's public beaches so a beach wedding probably wouldn't be the best idea for your size of group. Fortunately there are many locations overlooking the ocean that would be great for a ceremony and reception! A few are: Gannon's & Merriman's or if you use A White Orchid Wedding their Beach House location is really really pretty. If you did a Gannon's or Merrimans location you could have the reception at the same location and you wouldn't have to worry about renting chairs, china & flatware. Hope that helps, good luck with everything and happy planning!! Nicole
  9. Nicole119

    Affordable Catering?? Does it Exist on Maui?

    Have you tried Catering from Soup to Nuts, Inc.? Their food is amazing, I'm not sure about their prices but it's worth a try to check with them. Ask for Chef Ralph or Daniel - 808-357-9444 Here's a link to their profile on The Knot:Weddings Gowns Gifts, The Knot Hope that helps!
  10. Nicole119

    Officiants: Who do you like?

    Alapaki Terry is the best officiant on Maui in my opinion and I have worked with almost all of them. They're all good but Al is just so warm and his ceremonies are so beautiful. I live here on Maui and if I had my choice I would definitely choose him.
  11. Nicole119

    Nick's Fishmarket??

    Hi! Nick's Fishmarket is over the top delicious!! I've been here many times and every time is better than the last. The service is amazing and they have a private dining room for wedding parties as well. As someone who lives here in Maui I can honestly say that it's one of the best restaurants on the island!!
  12. Nicole119

    wedding dinner, Maui

    Hi Anastasia, Duo is to die for delicious!! It's very romantic and the service is probably the best on the island.
  13. Nicole119

    Please help! Marriott or the Ritz?

    Aloha! I've been to weddings at both locations and I would have to go with the Ritz for privacy. The lawn location at the Marriott is in between the hotel and the beach jogging path so it's not secluded. At the Ritz you'll be totally secluded. Hope that helped!
  14. Nicole119

    The Ritz

    Hi Sandra, I've been to numerous weddings at Lava Point/Ritz Carlton Kapalua. It is breathtaking, if you can afford it I would definitely do it. It feels like you are standing on the edge of the world with only ocean and your husband surrounding you. Kapalua Beach is nice too but it's definitely more dramatic at Lava Point, plus it's guaranteed seclusion. You can't get that anywhere else but Maui! Hope that helps!
  15. Nicole119

    Has anyone gone to the Maui Swap Meet?

    That's a good idea, everyone needs a sarong!! It's a lot of fun if you have the time on a Saturday!