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  1. Does anyone have any other suggestions for collections that have a really pretty coral??
  2. I happen to like coral and oranges but am having a hard time finding the exact color combo I want to go with for my wedding in Hawaii. I'm actually between two color palettes.
  3. Hi everyone, I think my fiance and family and finally narrowed down Maui for our destination wedding next year. As I am starting to look at locations, I really like Gannon's and the Four Seasons in South Maui and Merriman's which I heard is very nice as well. Does anyone have any personal experience or advice on any of these locations? Â Thanks!
  4. jocemae

    Hello there! A newbie here

    Hi there, My name is Jene'. I am excited to be on this board. I am still deciding on a date but it looks like it will be October 09 and the for the location, I am between Cabo and Negril. Thanks!