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  1. So I am completely addicted to my wedding highlight video that Jerry from Cancun Wedding Video filmed and put together (I have watched it at least 600 times.) I downloaded it onto my iphone and I watch it as I work out, when I am at work and dont want to work, even when I am driving. I really need to move on but the day was so great I want to do it again, and again... Anyway, Jerry not only did he do a great job capturing the entire day in 5 mintues, my entire video (all 1 hour and 1/2 of it) was put to music and I love it. I finally was able to figure out how to post a link so here it is! YouTube - Wedding Highlight Video
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by kstinson1503 Jolee, Your pics are fabulous & you looked so beautiful on your wedding day!! Where did you have your reception at the Casa & did you use the spa at JW or at Casa? I'm still trying to decide between reception spots & trying to make hair appointments so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help & congratulations!! KIM Kim- Thanks for your comments. We had a great time and I would definately suggest the Marriott for your wedding location. 96 people came to celebrate with us so we had the wedding ceremony at the gazebo and the cocktail and reception at the casamagna. It was perfect and the food was great. Here is the set up we had for the reception We chose the mexican buffet and brought our own alcohol so it lowered the cost a bit We also had a welcome cocktail at Champions. If you are interested in this ask for Glenda, she is amazing and she will work within your budget and get you what you want. The night before the wedding I stayed at the JW, in a room that was right next to the pool and the closet to the walkway to the gazebo. I did this so they would open the gate between the CasaMagna and the JW so we did not have to walk so far to get to the gazebo. It also worked out great for pictures. As for the spa, I went to the CasaMagna and never checked out the JW. I just got my hair and nails done but the ladies were very nice and let my entire bridal party come in and get ready with me (eventhough they did not pay to get their hair done) It is not the top of the line salon but it was really all we needed and it was perfect for us. Let me know if you have any other questions, and hopefully this helped.
  3. We had 96 people at out wedding and we only received one card at the actual wedding reception.* Everyone (except for one) sent them to our house before or after the wedding, so we did not even need a box or bag (something to think about)* If you can not find a bag you could always go to Jo-Ann's or a fabric store and get some fabric that you love and make you bag.*
  4. Thanks for your kind words, I will try to somehow post the wedding video if I can figure it out
  5. Well girls, I am going to be throwing a bridal shower for a close friend with my mom and we are looking for some ideas for an invitation. We looked on Wedding Diva's web site and really did not find anything that we liked. So I thought maybe someone would like to share their shower invitations with me and I could get some fun ideas. Thanks!
  6. This is my thrid attempt at posting this so please excuse me if it actually worked the first two times... But I wanted to make sure people were able to see the work of Vannessa Vargas. I really think she did a great job capturing everything we wanted with an artistic touch. So here they are I hope you all enjoy! Pro Pics :: wedding slideshow slideshow by mrsbancroft2be - Photobucket
  7. My dad and I danced to My Girl, (it was the only song that sort of fit that the band knew how to play.) Everyone loved the song!
  8. starfish 007- I dont know anything about the Paradisus Palma Real but my husband and I just got back from our honeymoon at the Moon Palace Punta Cana so maybe my feedback can help. Obviously it had just opened 3 weeks before we arrived so everything was under construction. The hotel is very nice and the staff is extremely willing to help but we did run into a few things that we did not like. Our plane arrived late to into Punta Cana and we did not get to the MP until 1 am. At that time they checked us in and we went to our room, to find we had 2 double beds (on our honeymoon with 2 double beds and we are not small people ) The next day we went to change and since they only had 300 of the 1500 rooms open and they were all full we were not able to change rooms until the next day.The grounds were under construction everywhere you looked. Everything looked like they threw it together to open the hotel in January and then they just left it without watering it for 3 weeks. There were only 4 pools open during our visit and unfortunately you had to get to the pools early (I am talking 9:00am) to get a chair or you would had to lay on the ground because they did not have enough chairs for all of the guests.We did go to the spa and it is very nice (the staff is great) I did not get the price list but for a pedicure / manicure it cost 45 usd, so I can not imagine it is very expensive to get your hair done. Obviously the golf course was not done when we were there but there are two golf courses within 15 minutes of the hotel that are very nice and they come and pick you up so that was great!As for the Casino, since it was not done they had two different shuttles that took you to a Casino that was in Barbaro (about 20 mins. away) But I have to say it would have been way better it if were right in the hotel.Most of the restaurants had really good food. We have been to AI's that had horrible food but they really did have a great selection and the drinks are really good they dont water down anything! All in all the hotel is nice and by the way they were moving to get things done quickly I would assume by November they should have it pretty much done (maybe not the golf course but other than that) and the beach is to die for, you can really take some beautiful pictures.I hope that helped!
  9. I just saw your cooler, it looks great! I also did a cooler for my wedding and just want to say that EVERYONE used them. It was fun to see that it was worth the investment!
  10. Welcome Monica- I just got married at the CasaMagna in Feb so if you need any questions answered let me know.... You are going to have a beautiful wedding.
  11. I have to tell everyone on this forum that Vanessa Vargas is absolutely awesome! I could not find much information about her on here but I took a leap of faith and contracted her for our wedding. I just saw the proofs last week and loved everyone of them. I had troubles choosing only 350! She showed up on time, was very professional and has a great artistic eye. I am recommending her to everyone on BDW's. I will post my pictures when I get them back later this week, hopefully you can see her work on VANESSA VARGAS PHOTOGRAPHY
  12. I think you can have a Catholic wedding at the CasaMagna & JW marriott. It is a beautiful setting!
  13. I just got married at the CasaMagna and I did get my hair done at the salon (not the makeup though.) I think the lady did a great job but I also went in for a trial run and told her exactly what I wanted. As for the facility, it is nice but it is not top of the line. The salon is in a separate room from the spa. I dont have any pictures yet of us getting ready but I will post them once I have them P.S. If you are getting married at the Marriott I would definately recommend having your hair put up with a ton of hairspray because it gets very windy out by the gazebo.
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