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  1. I just read every page of this thread and it was so helpful! There will be less "would not do's" on future lists thanks to all of the selfless brides that have posted their experiences. Reading this thread helped me make decisions on some pending items and feel good about other decisions we've already made - ie: iPod/Bose versus DJ or renting expensive hotel sound system. THANK YOU ALL FOR SHARING!
  2. Hello Brides! My name is Monica and I'm marrying the love of my life in Cancun on August 15th at the Casa Magna Marriott. Everything I've read about Casa Magna weddings on this website has been reassuring so far. Please feel free to fill me in on all-things-Cancun weddings (ie: good A/V companies, florists, rehearsal dinner restaurants, etc.) and I'll be sure to post any information that I think might be helpful to others. I have very little time to plan, so I'm looking forward to hearing some "insider tips". Blessings!
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