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  1. Hi DR Brides! Just wanted to let you know I am going to Zoetry Punta Cana for our honeymoon in May. If anyone is considering this property and needs some insider info, let me know and I will happily try to help you out of I can while I am there! The property looks stunning...let's hope! Zoetry Agua Punta Cana Best, Terra
  2. landwlkr

    Can my brother officiate in FL?

    Hi Kristen! It looks like rules change county to county. I still can't say I am 100% clear on the technicalities. What we are planning to do is have my brother ordained and file for our marriage license with Palm Beach County but then also have a "legal" ceremony in our local town hall afterwards. Just to be sure! Try calling the clerk again and if you don't get a clear answer, ask to speak with someone else. Other than that, I am not sure what to do! It's a tricky issue for sure. Best wishes! Terra
  3. landwlkr

    Wedding Insurance

    I am currently looking into 3 wedding insurance providers: Wedsafe, Travellers and Fireman's Fund. I am still trying to research the pros and cons of each, since they are not all exactly the same coverage. Before you send in any money, make sure you READ THE POLICY. This, I am finding, is not as easy as it sounds since you have to really dig into each website to see the policy. Here are a few links for you: Fireman's Fund Sample Policy: http://www.rvnuccio.com/pdfs/rvnucci...licy022409.pdf Wedsafe Sample Policy: http://www.wedsafe.com/pdfs/wedding-...ple-policy.pdf These policies protect you in a different way than travelers insurance. For example, if your photographer goes out of business after the wedding and never sends you your photos, travelers insurance will not likely cover that loss. If a vendor bails on you on the morning of the wedding, travelers insurance may not cover that type of loss. But, like I said, not all policies and coverages are created equal, or are exactly what they seem. Firemans "cold feet" coverage (where the cost of the wedding is recovered if YOU or your FI cancel the wedding for change of heart reasons) is only redeemable if someone other than you or your FI are funding the wedding and buying the policy. Travellers only calls "immediate family" your children and parents, wedsafe and firemans also incorporate siblings and grandparents into that definition. My good friend just had her entire wedding blown to bits by one of the recent blizzards-- thankfully she was covered and got almost all her costs back. But again, read the policies so you know exactly what you are buying. Good Luck! Terra
  4. landwlkr

    I heart Delray Beach, FL!

    Hi Everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to share how happy I am with my FL wedding destination! I just got back from a long weekend of planning down in Delray Beach, FL where my wedding will be in May at the lovely Sundy House. What a fun and funky little town! The main drag, Atlantic Avenue, is chock full of cute boutiques, restaurants, and fun bars. No chain shops except for a Starbucks-- everything else seems unique to the area. Love that! The beach is great and there are many sightseeing activities to entertain our guests. Close by are several hotels at various price points. You can fly into Fort Lauderdale, Miami or Palm Beach airports-- all within driving distance to Delray. There is a free shuttle that takes people from one end of Atlantic to the other, though you feel like you could walk to most places. We chose the Sundy House, just a few blocks away from the activity of Atlantic Ave, because of their beautiful gardens that will (hopefully as long as it doesn't rain) provide a lovely backdrop for our ceremony. They have 3 choices for reception rooms, 2 of which open out into separate sections of their gardens. The Sundy House also has a gourmet restaurant, and the food is truly excellent. It isn't the cheapest game in town, but so far the staff has been very helpful and patient. Months ago when I first started planning I looked all over the Southern US, Mexico and the Caribbean and this place fit my check list of priorities the best... easy access, unique feel, tropical setting, good food, and affordability. Just thought I would share my find with all of you! Happy planning! Terra
  5. landwlkr

    Resort wedding gazebo on or near the beach?

    I know this is posting is a bit dated, but I just logged in for the first time in a while!Take a look at the Sundy House in Delray Beach FL (between Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach). They have a beautiful gazebo in their gardens. Though not on the beach, the beach isn't far and the town is undergoing quite a renaissance. I am getting married there in their garden (but have too many people to fit in the gazebo). It's a beautiful spot!
  6. I was just looking at this and wondering the same. Did you decide to use them? If so, how is it? Looks like a good idea, and most of my family is already used to online shopping, so it might be nice to have it as an option! Eager to hear your, or anyone's thoughts on this! Terra
  7. landwlkr

    I don't know where to go

    Sorry for the late reply-- but I wanted to chime in too! I was originally looking at Key West but eventually scrapped the idea because it was a little challenging (and pricey) to get to. My guests wouldn't want to do the drive from Miami, and flight access looked slim. SO, we ended up choosing Delray Beach, which is in between Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale. I have fallen in love with Delray, it is also logistically super convenient and cheap to get to (thanks JetBlue!). But most importantly, I adore the venue we have chosen-- the Sundy House. It feels like a destination wedding, yet without the hassle of being too far away. Good luck choosing your place, it's a tough decision to make! Best, Terra
  8. landwlkr

    Photographer & Videographer?

    Hi! I just booked my photographer who is based in Delray Beach, just 2 hours south. I am sure she wouldn't mind the drive-- her name is Elizabeth Monge of Studio Elizabeth. Delray Beach Photography by Studio Elizabeth - Serving South Florida, Delray Beach, Palm Beach, wedding photography Here are the reasons I chose her: 1) I love her documentary style of photography (see her website) 2) I talked to several brides who worked with her and they all loved not just the photos but also how she handled herself in the planning process and during the wedding 3) She was patient and flexible with my questions and always super responsive 4) She customized a package to suit my needs 5) She is just a very nice and lovely person! The person who manages events at my venue had Elizabeth for her own wedding, which I thought was a ringing endorsement (she knows hundreds of photographers for sure in her profession!) If you contact her, please let her know I sent you! Good luck! Terra
  9. I asked her if she knew when she would have her merchant account set up and she replied: "I am not sure when I will have the merchant account set up because I am searching for prices. " So, no offer for alternative. She's basically saying pay by check or leave it. The contract states currently about cancellation on her end: [Photographer] may substitute another photographer to take photographs in the event of photographer’s illness. In the event of such substitution, [photographer] warrants that all studio photographers are competent professionals. There is no verbiage about getting deposits back. I am thinking I need to add something like this: If [photographer] is a no-show or cancels service for any reason and is unable to find a suitable replacement, all deposits and prepayments shall be refunded to client. How does that sound? What if she says no to the change? This is very confusing! Thanks for the advice...keep it coming.
  10. Hi All! After searching high and low, I FINALLY found a photographer I like, and have negotiated a package that fits the budget. She sent me the contract and asks for 1/3 the cost as a deposit. That's fine too. I was surprised, however, that she doesn't currently take credit cards. She says because she is in the process of changing merchant accounts. I am nervous about this, since I have heard everywhere that paying cash deposit is very risky. With the credit card you have some protection if she goes out of business, doesn't show, etc. What do you think-- should I be concerned about this? I don't want to go back to the search, but this just seems a bit off, though she comes highly recommended and has great reviews all over the internet. Thanks for your advice! Terra
  11. Hi Ladies, I have been trying to understand FL laws regarding who can (or can't) officiate a ceremony. In an ideal world, I would like my big brother to officiate legally. He could be ordained at one of the internet churches for the occasion (Universal Life church, etc.). The question is if anyone knows if FL recognizes such an ordainment legally. Here is what the law states: 741.07 Persons authorized to solemnize matrimony. (1) All regularly ordained ministers of the gospel or elders in communion with some church, or other ordained clergy, and all judicial officers, including retired judicial officers, clerks of the circuit courts, and notaries public of this state may solemnize the rights of matrimonial contract, under the regulations prescribed by law. I guess the question is what "regularly ordained" means. Anyone know for sure? We might jump over to City Hall here in NYC just in case to make sure it is 100% legal! Thanks! Terra
  12. landwlkr

    Florida Photographers?

    Hi All! Just wanted to thank those of you who left feedback. Looks like we are going to go with photographer Elizabeth Monge-- Studio Elizabeth - Serving South Florida, Delray Beach, Palm Beach, wedding photography She shoots a number of weddings each year at the Sundy House (where we are getting married), so we love her style and the fact that she knows the property (and vice versa) so well. Still going over budget, but c'est la vie! I don't want to risk bad photos. Thanks! Terra
  13. landwlkr

    Florida Photographers?

    Thank you Jacilynda for the suggestion! I contacted them but they are a little over budget for me (sadly since their photos are BEAUTIFUL you lucky duck!) Any other suggestions out there? Thank you! Terra
  14. landwlkr

    Florida Photographers?

    Hello friends! I am on the verge of signing contracts with the Sundy House! We went down there 2 weekends ago to check it out and LOVE LOVE LOVED it. I am glad I had a chance to see it in person! Next on my priority list is to find the right photographer. I have the list of preferred vendors from the Sundy House, but I want to see who else might be out there that is worth considering. Anyone have South Florida photographers that you would recommend? Thanks a lot!! Terra
  15. landwlkr

    New York City!

    Hi Friends! I was surprised not to see a thread here for New York City, which is where I am living/working now (I am a transplant here). I just thought I would start one-- and share a few details! You don't have to have a million dollar budget to get married here. We can't have our own wedding here because our guest list would be out of control (My FI has TONS of extended family here who would demand invites). But let me share a few ideas for anyone considering this option! Did you know that NYC just opened up a new multi-million Manhattan Marriage Bureau? They are trying to rival the wedding industry of Vegas: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/08/ny...8marriage.html Here is the link to the city clerk, with lots of info on requirements and licenses: City Clerk's Office - City of New York Its also easy to get married in Central Park. You need a permit, which is very cheap (like $25) in most areas of the park. Pretty! More details here: Central Park The Complete Guide at CentralPark.com Hotels in NYC are dropping their rates to crazy low prices right now-- most are experiencing 50% occupancy rates, which means there is lots of room to negotiate room blocks for family/friends. Cheapest months of the year are July, August and January through March. Another idea I love is having your wedding actually AT the florist shop, surrounded by their lovely flowers (that you don't have to buy!). I have no idea what this costs, but it looks unique and lovely: Banchet Flowers :: Events And last random thought is a beautiful spot for receptions in Lower Manhattan called Battery Gardens (inside the confines of Battery Park). The food is so-so, but the views of the harbor and Statue of Liberty should make up for it: Welcome to Battery Gardens Anyway...just some ideas for you. If I can help anyone considering NYC, just let me know. Happy to help... so many of you have been so helpful to me in helping me plan wedding, which looks like will be in FL in April or May 2010! xox Terra