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  1. I never saw a website, but here is their email contact: arteenflores@prodigy.net.mx
  2. Yes, I found the prices very reasonable and the quality was amazing. I hope they work out for you! I had the best experience.
  3. OMG...I am surprised to hear that Sergio and Larisa are no longer the planners at Cabo Azul! Regardless, I am sure it will all turn out smoothly and be beautiful. Don't hesitate to ask me any questions if you have them :-)
  4. I was married at Cabo Azul in October and everything was absolutely perfect! That said....they can definitely take awhile to respond. I also had concerns like you, but I think they just do things at a slower pace than here in the US. I just want to reassure you that everything will be perfect and turn out just how you want! Do not worry...
  5. I am LONG overdue to post any reviews....shame on me. But I had to at least start with Jimena from Arte en Flores. She was absolutely fantastic to work with. I cannot say enough about just the beginning planning process. She had input and suggestions, but was always open to my ideas. I cannot think of a better way to choose flowers for a wedding than to work with her. To top it off, the flowers were breathtaking. They turned out stunning and were everything I had hoped for and more. I don't think I have seen much of this vendor on this site, but she needs to be noticed. All Cabo brides....use this vendor for your flowers!! Here are some of my pictures....
  6. Can't speak for Neysa, but the Suzanne Morel team was amazing. Extremely organized, professional, and pros at what they do. The mani/pedi I got was the best in my life...no kidding. And my hair and makeup was exactly what I wanted. You can't go wrong with Suzanne Morel :-)
  7. I was married at Cabo Azul just a few weeks ago and it was FANTASTIC. Absolutely agree that the pictures on the website don't do the place justice. It's gorgeous! I have to say...Sergio can sometimes be slow via email, but rest assured everything will be perfect and turn out just as you wanted in the end. And Larisa, the other coordinator, is awesome as well. Clearly I am biased, but Cabo Azul is the best place to get married :-)
  8. Just wanted to jump in since I went to Social Security this morning to "attempt" to change my name with my Spanish marriage certificate. After much worry, it was painless! No translating necessary....at least for social security. Maybe DMV will be another story.
  9. I am torn on that too. I definitely want rose petals, but am not sure if they should be sprinkled on the sand or on a runner? Curious to see what others have done :-)
  10. I believe Suzanne's crew will come to the resort with a minimum of 4 services. If you have yourself and your MOH and you each got hair and makeup, that would be 4 services! I am the only one in my group getting anything done so I went with hair, makeup, manicure, and pedicure which ended up working out perfectly for their minimum. Good luck!
  11. I haven't used her yet, but I already put down a deposit and will pay the remaining balance 2 weeks prior to my wedding. I assume it is standard to have the entire amount paid 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. She has so many wonderful reviews so I wouldn't worry too much :-)
  12. I'm so glad you liked it! We booked a package as well....I am sure we will both have an amazing experience.
  13. We are heading to Esperanza after our Cabo Azul wedding. It's small (I think it said 56 rooms or so) and looks beautiful. I am into boutique hotels as well :-) Good luck...I am sure you will find just what you're looking for.
  14. I think Punta Islita is the most magical place. I would get married there in a heartbeat! It's absolutely worth the effort to get there. The people, food, scenery....everything is amazing. Good luck in your search!
  15. Hi Ladies! I am getting married October 8, 2009 at Cabo Azul. So excited!
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