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  1. I got married at DPA May 23, 2009 during the whole Swine Flu epidemic. We went back to celebrate our 1 year anniversary last year and wanted to go back this year but were not able to. DPA is like a home away from home to us. The staff is incredible and they truly take care of you. Best wishes to any brides with their special day coming up! (I was looking for a copy of the boarding pass I made back then for a cousin and found it at BDW )
  2. Heres the post I made a whiles back about the cake topper http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...-vendor-36767/ I guess I deleted the original pics from my photobucket... :/
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Tifuhhknee I LOVE your cake topper! Mind sharing where you got it? It was DIY. I ordered the wooden bases from some guy online for cheap, like $10 or so for those and 1 more I didnt use. I also ordered the swarovski crystals from various places to get the cheapest price and the colors I wanted. I spray painted the wood base silver and glued them all on. I think I made a post about the on here somewhere... Let me know if you want more info about the wood guy. I can search through my emails. Quote: Originally Posted by badrianne Wow your Oceana reception was beautiful! I love your bouquet too! I'm going to add it to my inspiration page. Thanks for sharing. We'll miss you by four days at DPA. Hope you have a great anniversary. Thank you! I can't believe its almost been 1 year! DPA is amazing I can't wait to go back!
  4. Hey Ladies! I don't think I ever shared my pro pics given that I didn't even really look at them until about 2-3 weeks ago. I glanced through my prints as soon as I got them and did not see a nice pic of my dad and I together so I just decided to not look at any of them. After looking through them all, still no good pic... Anyways. I uploaded them to facebook and here are the links: Reception at Oceana Bianca Rios's Photos - Reception | Facebook Ceremony/Toast Bianca Rios's Photos - Wedding!!! | Facebook TTD at the resort Bianca Rios's Photos - TTD | Facebook Other details Bianca Rios's Photos - Wedding Detail Pics | Facebook I am also going back to DPA on May 22 for 3 nights and then to DT for 5 nights for our anniversary! Everything is booked and I am super excited to be back there! Our week at DPA last year was amazing!
  5. I must say Martha's rates have gone up since I booked her over a year ago... My review is my assignment for the weekend... I finally have all my pro pics to supplement it.
  6. She stayed on the resort for 1 night with her husband. She is such a freaking sweetheart! I love her so much!
  7. I got my slideshow from Martha Roque!!! Martha Roque Photographer: Chris & Bianca Wedding
  8. This guy sounds terrible! I contacted him when I was searching for a photographer and had a weird feeling about the wording in his email so I never responded. Good thing for me I guess. I am waiting for the photos from the photographer that I used, Martha Roque, but I must say, she was a total sweetheart!
  9. The cups at DPA aren't too little... They are probably about 12 oz. Also, someone asked about the little tequila bottles. There is a shop at the marina that is called like "Deli and Liquor" or something similar. I asked there and they said that they did not have any. Not sure if that meant that they didnt carry them or were just OOS. Anyways... At PDC like every shop has them. They range from about $2 to $7 a piece (US dollars of course). Also, if you don't want to leave the resort, I'm sure you could ask one of the employees to buy some for you. I'm not sure if they would get in trouble or anything, but I'm sure they would be willing for a tip. Oly, the preferred club bartender was AWESOME btw... There were too many great employees there. I did not encounter any unpleasant people
  10. If you don't want to invite her then don't. I know I didn't invite my mom's sister, but that is on a whole other level. I don't even consider her family. If you don't invite her, I would just be prepared for any family drama that might occur. Sucks that she's putting your grandfather in the middle. Since your mom doesn't really like her either it might not be so bad.
  11. I used the MUFE HD foundation for my wedding day and it worked great! It did not smudge at all even when I was shedding a tear or two... No way I was going to trust those resort MUA!
  12. Please note that there are like 3 different types of maracas... Keep this in mind when you compare prices. There are ones that are like hollowed out fruit or squash or something. They go for about $1 a piece in PDC. Then there are ones that I think are a hollowed out squash top and then they have a wooden handle and then there are ones that are made all out of wood. The last ones are the most expensive!
  13. Hey Ladies!!! A small gift for you... Our video from the resort videographer is uploaded onto youtube. I haven't really watched the whole thing or even know if the whole thing is up. I am a youtube newbie... YouTube - DPA Wedding Pt 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwsJo2HFQMM
  14. I think our night in the gazebo was a bit rare. The wind really picks up in the evening. Its not that bad in afternoon. I would just go check it out every evening at the time you plan on having your ceremony before the big day. I hope the videographer for my veil flying away. My photog said she missed it. I'm sure they got a chair sliding away.
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