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  1. Congrats Trisha!!!! I totally agree with you...couldn't have been any happier with Dreams VM!!!! Ladies, I promise to get my review up very soon. -Jen
  2. Hi and welcome! Making the choice is the hardest part! I contemplated my choice right up to a week before we left! We got married in Nuevo vallarta at Dreams Villamagna. I also stayed a week at the Grand Mayan resort and had friends who stayed at Marival. All the resorts in NV are located on the same street so I passed the Riu quite a few times. It looks really nice from the outside and it looks huge! The Grand Mayan was also huge which is why I really didn't like it. I loved Dreams Villamagna because it was on the smaller side and was all inclusive. The RIU is kind of victorian looking and a lot more elegant looking than the other resorts in the area. I haven't styaed at a Riu resort but have heard that they are nice. So it really depends on what kind of resort you are in to. I didn't like Marival either because it was always so noisy and reminded me of spring break 24/7 but other people loved it there and thought Dreams was too quiet. Either place you pick will be nice. And like a previous poster said, take reviews with a grain of salt. Dreams isn't rated very good on TripAdvisor and I was so nervous because of that, but we all loved it there and would go back in a heartbeat! hth, -Jen
  3. I just posted but should have read that you don't want a sunset ceremony! Sorry! In late Oct when we were there, it was WAY too hot to have anythiong beofre sunset. I have never been there in Jan, but I am sure it is cooler. I would probably go with 2-4 pm, in that case.
  4. We had our wedding at 6:30 pm in October, just a few days before daylights savings time. It was a good time, as it wasn't so hot. But the sun was in our eyes for the whole ceremony. The pics after were so amazing with the sunset! We did have dinner in the dark but they setp up tiki torches and had lots of candles. I am pretty sure Royal Decameron is in Bucerias which is one hour behind PV and NV. So eventhough Jan is still daylights savings time, 6 - 6:30 is a good time. -Jen
  5. Teresa Stauring at Vacations4Less.com was very helpful with our travel plans for our recent Nuevo Vallarta wedding.
  6. We were in Nuevo Vallarta a little over a week ago and the Mayan Palace, NV was closed for remodel. You may want to contact the Grand Mayan for info. We were supposed to stay at MP and they put us at the Grand Mayan due to the remodel.
  7. Nat, We had our reception right on the beach area right next to the where the ceremony was. It isn't on the actual beach but above, on what they call their "perferred" area. The cocktail hour was right next to the hammocks and beach bar, in between the Oceana rest. and the pool. There are a few areas where you could have the reception...Oceana rest. is outside with a wooden overhead, which is beautiful. Or right where we had the cocktail hour which is not on the beach. But you can see the beach from there. I can send you pics if you want of these areas. Just let me know. -Jen
  8. I don't have much time right now but we just returned from 10 days out in PV. Our wedding was on the 23rd and it was AMAZING!!!!!! Dreams VM was beautiful, just like all the pics online. Eventhough I was nervous about everything going as planned, due to communication issues with them, it all turned out great. Yolanda was such a great person, she is very calm and eventhough tropical storm Rick was pouring rain all day on Wednesday, she reassured us everything would be fine.....and it was. I will post a full review this week, but I can not say enugh how wonderful it was and how great the staff at Dreams VM is. They all went out of their way to make our day amazing. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask me. -Jen
  9. I can't say the WC has been the greatest but I definitelty agree that concierge has been very responsive! I did have the WC call me a few weeks ago and it helped settle my nerves. She assures me that most of it will be taken care of when I get there and I am sure it will. I leave next week, wedding is on the 23rd so I will be sure to update when I get back! -Jen
  10. I never got a chance to update before the weekend.... Rocio wrote me back in 30 minutes after I sent the email and he answered every question I had! I feel A LOT less stressed now. The only issue that I haven't gotten a straight answer about is the beach arbor. He told me it included the chairs, bows, aisle runner, ceremony table and 2 floral pieces but no mention on the arbor itself? I was also told that we could only pick 1 entree? I thought it would have been 2, but that is ok. 3 weeks and counting!!!! -Jen
  11. I haven't been online over the weekend but I wanted to update on my lack of communication with the WC at Dreams VM. I talked to the salesmanager, Rocio, who was absoultely wonderful and answered all of my questions! I feel a lot less stressed now. The only thing that I haven't gotten resolved is the beach arbor. I asked for a pic of what this includes and he didn't send me a pic but told me it comes with chairs, bows, ceremony table, 2 floral centerpieces and aisle runner....no mention of the arbor! 3 weeks and counting!!! -Jen
  12. I tried calling during my lunch hour but couldn't get through. So I did email Cynthia and Rocio (who was the first person to ever help me). I sent an email with a huge list of questions. So hopefully one of them will answer me. My fiance thinks I am just stressing too much but I would rather know now then have to stress when I get there. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks! -Jen
  13. Ok, ladies....I am STRESSING! I haven't heard from Yolanda in a week and I have 4 short weeks to go. She hasn't answered questions that I wish she would just answer and put my mind to ease! So we are finally calling her today. Wish me luck! -Jen
  14. Sarah - Your pics are absolutley BEAUTIFUL! You looked amazing. And I love, love your colors....our are fuchsia and orange too! -Jen
  15. Thanks everyone... I am calling her today. We are already booked there so moving 4 weeks before would be out of the question. My fiance speaks perfect spanish so I am having him make sure we get all of our questions answered. I will post an update later.... wish me luck!