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  1. We did! A very very nice lady from AirTran Airways upgraded us at about 3am while we were exhausted and cranky in the airport.


    Then FIL proceeded to make a huge scene about why HE didn't get upgraded... grr... but that's another story!


    It was the dress that gave us away, and got us a free upgrade. :) Carrying it on was a huge PITA!, but at least it was good for something.

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    Originally Posted by CaitlinBlane2011 View Post
    Hi everyone! I am getting married at the Tucan on November 11, 2011. I called the number listed on the website today for the event coordinator and spoke to Connie(?) She seemed to get frustrated with my questions and told me she would e-mail me the packages. I was surprised that she was less than friendly. Everyone has said what great WCs they have there. Anyway, I was supposed to get the packages e-mailed to me so I can give the 25% down, and I have yet to receive them, I think she may have spelled my e-mail address wrong. Does anyone have an e-mail address for the WC at the Tucan that I can use? I really need to put my deposit down and I need to contact them. Also, does anyone know if Connie is the WC at the Tucan or who it is and if they are pleasant and do a good job? Thanks!!!!
    Hey Caitlin,
    Sorry you're having trouble! I was just married at the Tucan in January, and Gabriella was my WC. The email for the Tucan's WC is:


    I know planning can be stressful, but Gabriella (& everyone) I worked with the the Tucan was amazing & they really went above & beyond to make our wedding beautiful. Best of luck!
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    Originally Posted by mnh1983 View Post
    The last Sookie Stackhouse book comes out in paperback today! Woohoo!
    hooray! i finally got caught up on the series, & pre-ordered the next one. :) i thought the books started getting a little boring but picked up with the last 2. i can't wait to watch season 2 of trueblood when it gets released soon & maybe i'll think about getting HBO for this summer. :)
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    Originally Posted by ~*Kathy*~ View Post
    Aimee, Shiver has been on my to-read list for a while now...glad you love it!

    If anyone here likes Twilight-ish books, I thought the Immortals series by Allyson Noel are an easy, lazy read and entertaining. Nothing ground-breaking but entertaining fluff. Three books in the series are out so far: Evermore, Blue Moon, and Shadowland.
    Thanks Kathy! I just added them to my "to read" list on goodreads. :)

    On another note, Sarah Addison Allen's new book is coming out on March 16, and the new Flavia de Luce book by Alan Bradley is coming out on March 9. Hooray!
  5. Just checking in... how's everyone doing? I think I've been battling some serious after wedding depression. sad.gif And the Wisconsin winter is NOT helping...


    What are you gals doing to keep busy? I've been reading a LOT, working on learning German, and signed up for a knitting class. Yes, seriously- it's a skill I think I must possess!! :) One day I'll be a grandma, and be making baby hats and scarfs <3.


    I just got a DVD of my pro pics, so I've been obsessing over those, and trying to figure out which one to get a large print of. I finally found a photo album I liked (overstock.com) for all 350 of our 4"x6" pics, and I got a haircut.


    What are you up to lately? I need a few more things to keep me busy & happy! Without devoting 3 hours a day to wedding stuff my life feels a little empty.

  6. Well I got through book 7 of the Sookie Stackhouse series, and decided to take a short break before finishing up with books 8 & 9.


    I started reading Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater... it's amazing so far! I'm about halfway through it after only a day (& I worked today!). It's written for teens, so it reminds me a bit of Twilight... but so far I would recommend it. It's going to be a series with the 2nd book coming out this July.

  7. I went through this too. My advice: Timeline. seriously. :)


    April 2011... you have over a year (good!) I say make a timeline & try to stick to it.


    I start planning our wedding about a 1.5 years in advance, and it was plenty of time. I actually ended up taking a 6 month break!


    My advice is to get as much as you can done right away, that way you can take your 6 month break right before the wedding. Nothing is more stressful than "crunch time" !


    The other big piece of advice I can give you is set deadlines. It is so easy to look for flowers, or jewelry, or whatever for days and days. Give yourself enough time to search and find what you really want. But don't let yourself second guess too much. Try to move onto other tasks and get this wedding cranked out. :)


    Best of luck, and remember to have fun!!

  8. I did not even want to watch last weeks episode about how they all "came to greatness" but it ended up being really great. I loved seeing Meredeth's mom in her prime! There really wasn't a lot of new back story... but it was fun to watch anyway. I LOVE grey's... but this season is disappointing me. sad.gif


    Private Practice on the other hand... getting better & better. I wish they would just cut ties between shows already though. I just want my Grey's drama to be about relationships and my PP drama to be about money, family, love, and unfortunate patients. (and addison & sam... lol!)

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    Originally Posted by jplovesme View Post
    Here's a pair I thought were cute. Endless is my favorite shoe site

    Caparros Women's Joelle Platform - Free Overnight Shipping on New Styles, Free Return Shipping: Endless.com results&colors=519124011&dept=242169011&node=24216 9011&nodes=242169011&brands=Caparros&sort=shoesbro wserel2
    ohlala, I like those!!

    here's a link to mine (but they are sold out sad.gif )
    Pink Paris Hilton Charmed Shoes
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