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  1. AMAZINGLY detailed review Jody. Sounds like it really worked out for you--I am so happy. Congrats on being a Mrs.!
  2. SOOO sorry about the reopening right after when you needed it. But thrilled that you are having a great time--can't wait to see/hear the details upon your return. Have an amazing wedding day!
  3. yay! we can get back on track now! wow! what a long time coming--over a month! i can hardly believe it is real--in fact, i am worried that i will wake up tomorrow and it will be closed again. yes, sorry, I won't be giving a review until march '09 now. i think priscillas of boston has some good bridesamaid dresses--that company carries Melissa Sweet, right? (One of my faves.)
  4. What terrific news---I can hardly believe it. I just really hope this is for good, ya know? Well, know we can get back to the original thread and the basic planning we were all doing. Who is the next DT bride that will actually be married at DT?
  5. yay! so excited for you! you looked wonderful--thanks for the honesty about the photog. can't wait to see more!
  6. carina! congrats! i am so happy for you and sounds like, overall, things went well. thanks for being so honest about the photog. etc. can't wait to see more--you really looked beautiful--loved the dress and the sunflower in your bouquet. i had always thought if i had a wedding at home in nor cal i would do all sunflowers---never considered it for mexico but you made it work!
  7. Thanks everyone for your support! All the good thoughts and prayers are REALLY appreciated. Yeah, it's true what they say: you don't have much if you don't have your health. Lesson for all: during this trying time, be sure to take care especially good care of your health (and your FI's too!) b/c stress can seriously be a killer! Sleep/exercise/good food/vitamins--whatever works for you don't forget about!
  8. Hi Girls--I have been out of the loop for a bit because, gulp, FI and I have decided to postpone our wedding--from 11/21 to, hopefully, sometime in 3/09. I have been dealing with some health problems, and in combination with not wanting to "settle," we decided that was best for us. I was originally told by both VP Kevin, (over email) and Daniel, (over phone) that our guests would get the same rates in March as they had originally booked for in November. Now, in email exchanges, we are, seemingly, having some trouble keeping Daniel to his word. But hoping to get that cleared up in the next day or two. (Will let you guys know what ultimately happens.) Anyway, I am hoping that things are resolved asap for you girls still.... and wanted to let you guys know my plans in case anyone is thinking about doing the same thing.
  9. Thanks for all the info ladies.... it is really appreciated. i don't have anything new to report, as I am supposed to speak to Daniel tomorrow and know for sure whether I get moved or not--for a 11/21/08 wedding.
  10. Hi "P" Girls! I just spoke with Dreams Talum sales director today and was told that there is a very good chance I would be moved--will know by Thursday. So I am considering my options. Original DT brides Brooke and Trish seemed to think P worked out well... I am so freakin' exhausted with all of this, because until today, I was till doing things for DT. Can someone direct me to pictures and reviews that can be found in this thread? THANK YOU!
  11. I spoke with Daniel, the Sales Coordinator at DT, and he told me that people who are arriving by 11/15 are having the option of being moved. (I couldn't understand if it is a complete requirement or not--sorry.) He is calling me on Thursday to tell me whether I have to be moved or not since I arrive on the 11/16. Unfortunately, he said they hadn't ever received my information from Kevin, the VP, who I emailed earlier this month to make sure he had my info. ARGHH! So, I guess I wanted to give another November brides a head's up--they didn't have my info, let's make sure they have yours!
  12. Welcome back Trish! SOOOO pleased that things went well for you, and sounds like for Brooke, too. Carina, congrats on being official on Wed. (it feels really good!) and glad that you at least now know where you are going. That has to be a relief.
  13. YAY Trish and Brooke! We are all thinking about you! Can't wait to hear about your fabulous weddings!
  14. October girls, I am so sorry! I guess at least we now know where you won't be married--DT. So sad.
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