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  1. omg! i'm so happy to come across your link for the cd cases. my local scrapbook shop sells the same ones for $2 each. thanks!!!
  2. I have been wondering this too. The only thing I have come up with so far is making a cute little booklet in Microsoft Word. I like to scrapbook and do crafty stuff, so I'll probably do something unique with it. I've been working on it, and I've got interactive stuff the guests will have to write in like "Favorite memory with bride and/or groom", "what one item would you want to have if stranded on a deserted island", and "what advice do you have for the couple to have a happy marriage". I am hoping all my guests will participate and then I can take them up before the dinner/mixer and read them to everyone. There will only be 18-20 guests so it won't take too long. I think it will be neat to see what everyone would bring to the island like chapstick over a boat and xbox over a plane, etc...Who knows...it's probably not the best idea, but I am sure MY guests will like it. If you didn't want to do a small booklet you could always include a small strip of paper in your oot bag, etc... with the stranded island question or the marriage advice. hope that helps!
  3. What's the best site to get shirts and screen prints done? I'm looking for something without a minimum purchase. Thanks much girls.
  4. My dog has a funny tshirt that says, "same poop, different day." What if you changed that around to something with beer or drinking? "Same beer (drink), different day." Probably makes no sense, but I thought I'd throw that out there.
  5. JamaicaBride062108, I'm getting married at Swept Away too. Thanks for the info about the spa and salon. I was a little worried about being able to get an appointment. Also, what are you doing for your reception? Will you do the all-inclusive thing (make a reservation for all guests to dine next to each other) since it's paid for or pay extra? I'm in limbo about what I want to do. Our wedding is a Friday night and that's the night of the beach party, so that means no private beach dinner for my guests. Any suggestions?
  6. i love the cd idea!!! i actually did this for my save the dates. we bought cd labels ( i had the plastic label that is part of a kit from years ago, so that saved money ), the colorful, plastic cd sleeves and made up a cute label. All-in-all I spent about $45 for 20 of these. I went to office depot to have them printed because I thought it looked more professional than my home printer. My soon-to-be guests loved them. They tell me that they pop it in the cd player all the time to get them pumped up about Jamaica. I think I might make another one with caribbean love songs for couples and party songs for the singles. I know giving two cds might seem repetitive, but hopefully not since none of the guests will think to bring their own to Jamaica and I'm sure they will love to have something to listen to while in the room.
  7. hey, thanks for the helpful suggestions everyone. i feel much better and have great ideas. so, that's one thing off the list of things to stress about. whew, lol!!!
  8. Yeah, I thought of that...but I don't know if the officiant would like falsifying documents. But, it's worth a try to ask I guess. Thanks so much.
  9. Any thoughts on making sure our wedding (elopement) stays a secret. We couldn't wait so we eloped. But, I still want a beach wedding that I've been dreaming of forever. We are getting married later this year that we will call the real deal, but don't want ANYONE to know about the first one. Our wed. coord. knows and says the resort will not tell so that's covered, but how can we get around the whole signing the marriage certificate on the beach without everyone finding out? If someone asks about it, what could we tell them? So stressed about this. Hubby says no one will ask about why we didn't sign, but I think they will.
  10. hi girls. i'm getting married at CSA and want to know everything i can about it. has anyone booked the sunset wedding package there? any tips would be so helpful. also, what have most of you done for a reception? did you just make reservations in a crowded restaurant or have a private reception on the beach with guests? can't wait to hear some feedback. thanks so much...
  11. Couples Swept Away is in Negril, Jamaica. Ooops! Thought I wrote that.
  12. Hi everyone, it's my first time in a forum, and I can't wait to start sharing ideas. I'm getting married August 8th at Couples Swept Away. If you have any tips please send them my way. If I'm in the wrong forum...please let me know, lol! Like I said, I'm new to all of this. Thanks so much.
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