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  1. I am refering a sis in law here yayaya
  2. I used only Yessica and she rocked. I had a budget and hiring a private WC was not something that I could do... If need quick responses then I would consider hiring a WC cause the WC at Dreams do take a few days to get back to your answers. Good Luck!
  3. I had my wedding in July and got my hair and make up done by her-FABULOUS!!! She is so great-tip buy your own flowers for your hair from Michaels. Much cheaper and they last the whole day insteading of wilting... I also did the day before the spa party as a gift to the Mom's and Grandma's. That was so much fun. I know that it is alot of money and I tossed and turned about how much it was but believe when I say that it was well worth it! Everyone felt excited, relaxed and beautiful.
  4. I had my cocktail hour on the beach and there were no chairs. No one minded though, we were all walking around taking pictures.
  5. Okay, I would also be mad too! But, I just had my wedding at Dreams and I loved it. Yes, she was slow with emails! But, they are so relaxed down there. Yesica does a wedding a day. Believe when I say that she will handle it. She did a great job at my wedding even when a huge problem arised... If you are looking for a super close relationship with WC- she is not the one (honestly). She gets the job done and moves on to the next wedding.
  6. YAAA! I am back ladies from my wedding and honeymoon. It was the best. Dreams never fails. So all brides at Dreams truely have nothing to stress about... They are truely professional. I must do a warning on Earth, Sea and Sky. They were the only problem I had and they were a big one! I will not get into details but I will never use them again... I will do a review soon:) Thanks for all the help ladies.
  7. Wow you look great and also like you had tons a fun what a fantastic wedding!
  8. I am so sorry to hear about your news. My thoughts, prayers and wishes are with you in this time. If their is anything we gals can do let us know...
  9. OMG! I was going to something similar-but yours are great! I love it-pugs are so cute
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