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  1. I haven't posted pics yet because every time I try they never post. Any ideas?
  2. We had our wedding in PV on July 4, 2008 sorry its taken me so long. We used Vallarta Weddings as our wedding coordinator. We started planning our wedding about 9 months before and I decided to go with Vallarta Weddings because they we're inexpensive, they are a husband and wife team and have been planning weddings in PV for many years. During the planning processes everything was great. I even went to meet with them in Feb. prior to the wedding and they really appeared to have everything together. Eva took me to the ceremony and reception sites, we meet with the caterer and she had cake samples all ready for me. I was really happy with them. My only complaint during this time was that they some times would take over a week to get back to some of my emails. But they are busy so I let that go. On the day of our wedding they really screwed up in my eyes. But it was a difficult day mother nature really wasn't on our side. And I knew that was always a possibility. But I felt they should have handled everything a lot better since Michael watches the weather via satellite and I am sure it wasn't there first wedding that got rained on. Anyways, we first had to move the ceremony site to the reception site due to the rain, which was disappointing because the whole point of having a wedding for me in PV was to get married on the beach. I was prepared for that the day before the wedding becuse when we went to the beach for rehearsal there was an extreme high tide so having a ceremony on the beach was out of the question. Instead we had the ceremony on top of the villa (Villa Las Palmeras), which has a really great view of the bay, but we couldn't see it due to the heavy rain. On top of the villa, the patio is only half covered. So through out the whole planning process I kept asking them to make sure we have a canopy that covered the whole open patio, because I knew it was rainy season. The canopy they showed up with only covered the center of the patio. They had laid out the ceremony chairs but nobody could really sit in them because the rain still blew in and got them wet. So most of our guests minus our immediate family where all squished underneath the covered patio. And once the ceremony started the wedding party and I had to run through the rain to get to the alter. And once at the alter we said our vows standing in a huge puddle of water. Not having the correct canopy also meant they couldn't use all the lounge furniture I ordered, close to $2000 worth. The canopy was my biggest issue at the time but there where also many little things (that can seem big to a bride)that they did or did not do that also bothered me. For one the whole time I was getting ready neither one of them came to check on me to see how I was holding up. I had to send my maid of honor out to find one of them because they also hadn't sent in the photographer. Then after the ceremony there was nobody around to tell us where to go so we could take pictures. So we where stuck in a room for the whole cocktail hour until I sent another person to find the WCs. To get us some of the appetizers and drinks. By that time it was time for us to get introduced so we never took any good pictures. Another thing they messed up on was the kids table prior to set up I told Eva specifically where to find everything for the the tables. She forgot to put out the kids place mats I ordered and the candy centerpiece. And they even forgot a kids place, when I gave them the seating chart with all the names on it. And finally the next day I found our "marriage certificate" from the minister unsigned in an envelope by the bar. I do have to say though they did do a really great job with the reception area the set up looked really wonderful. The food was good and despite all the rain our guests still said they had a really fun a memorable time. And even though I wanted to cry I kept it together and also enjoyed our wedding. When I got home I sent Vallarta Weddings an email to let them know how I felt about how our wedding went and they never responded.
  3. I also got married this past 4th of July, and it really poured. The thing that was weird is the day before was beautiful, the day of the wedding was nice up until about 4pm then the rain started and then the following day was nice. So you just never know what to expect. But I went into the wedding knowing that there would be a possibility of rain. If you have your heart set on getting married on the beach, I'd pick another month or pick an earlier ceremony time because it usually would rain in the evening. Good Luck
  4. I don't mind the gay scene, I will have to look into that club. Thank you
  5. I am going to use both villas for my wedding on July 4th. I visited them in February and in Villa Las Palmeras the bathrooms in the bedrooms still do not have doors. The main bathroom in the living room does have a door. In villa Katalina the bathrooms are a little more private. When I visited the villas I thought that they where well kept and clean and that is even to say that a group had just left when I visited them. If you want to give me your email I have a bunch of pics I took on ofoto I can send you if you'd like. I haven't figured out how to post my own pics on this forum
  6. I just got mine done 2 weeks ago. My wedding is on July 4th. The only thing I regret is doing before my bachlorette party which was this past weekend. I wasn't able to go swimming. As far as pain the first two days or so I was in pain but taking pain pills. I wasn't stuck in bed though. From what my doctor said I should be able to breastfeed if I do have another baby (I already have 2 kids). They do go back to normal afterwards. As far as size goes I am not sure what bra size I am now because I can't wear a normal bra for 6 weeks so I haven't gone shopping for new ones yet. But the doctor when I went for my consoltation did some measurements of me first and then suggested three different fills (they go by how much they fill them) and then I decided one one. I went with the middle fill he suggested because I didn't want to be too big, Well let me know if you have anymore questions.
  7. I just returned from my bachlorette party in Vegas and we didn't make it to the male strippers. So I was thinking of when I go to PV the women and I can go see some strippers. Does anyone know of a strip club with men. I know they have a bunch of strip clubs with women strippers.
  8. I am not sure which Sandals resort they where stying at. The whole bridal party had put there things in the room that the WC had told them to put their stuff in. All the rooms do have safes and I don't know why they didn't lock that stuff up. My friends camera got stolen because he lost his safe key while kiaking so they had to drill out his safe so he didn't have any where to lock stuff up. Another guests camera was stolen when she went to the hotel bar and the bartender told her she could leave it behind the bar with him. And when she went back it was gone. And the bartender had no clue. So just be careful where ever you stay.
  9. I don't know. Maybe I'm old fashion but I'd like to save my dress for my daughter. But its not like she'd wear it. Or just have it to pull out so she can see it and not just in pictures. Also I am thinking of wearing my dress for the AHR for a little while. So I'm still split.
  10. Hi great to see you are from Denver, I live in Colo Springs. Welcome. I'm getting married in PV in July. Don't know of too many hotels but I have stayed at the Rui in Playa del Carmen. The Rui's have all-inclusive, great service and I don't remember it being too expensive. I also have family that have stayed in other Ruis and they never had anything bad to say about them. Good Luck!
  11. Welcome I am a PV bride and I decided to get marrried in PV over Cancun because Cancun can be a little more expensive. But if money wasn't an object I'd go with Cancun or any where on that side because it is soooo beautiful. Don't get me wrong PV is nice, too. But it doesn't have that blue water. Good Luck!
  12. Welcome and Happy planning. If you decide on Mexico keep in mind the best time to go is in our winter months. During the summer it is very hot and it tends to rain.
  13. I have a friend who attended a wedding at the Sandals resort in St. Lucia last weekend. He told me that everyone of the guests who attended the wedding had their cellphones, laptops, ipods, cameras, any electronic device stolen while staying at the resort. My friends blackberry and ipod where stolen out of the room the WC told them to put their things in during the wedding. Other guests had things taken from their rooms. The good thing, I guess, is nobody had wallets or purses stolen.
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