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  1. Even though there is no chapel there you don't have to get married just outside - they do have indoor options available and they can decorate for you in so many nice ways - You can even do a very nice secluded opption in the Spa area - even though it's outdoors it's surrounded by walls on all sides and there is a very pretty fountain there. Don't be so distraught - that's me saying it after less then a month ago I was having a cuniption fit just the same. You do have other options then outdoors if you need some ideas and help please let me know knwo and I will do what I can to help. Quote: Originally Posted by MonoAmor I just woke up and found out my travel agent has switched us to Dreams Cancun without even asking us. I am so mad Ive been crying for the last 3 hours. There isnt a chapel there and I do not want to get married outside at all. I want to cancel the whole friggen thing now. There is no way I want our hard earned money going towards what we dont want. Im not saying its not a nice resort, it is just so far from what we wanted and paid for. I cant deal with this disappointment so close to the wedding.
  2. Ladies - I can deffinetly see all the stress and that's sooo much of how I was feeling when I found out about the mess two days before we left - My pc is sick with a virus and I had to bring it to the techs yesterday - as soon as I get it back I will post my pics - as many as I can of the 600 pro ones anyway - I want to show you what an great job the Dreams Cancun did for my wedding - everything was so pretty!!! They were able to do any flowers I asked for - any food any table set up it was all not an issue. All of our friends were very impressed with the resort as well. - Sure it's not a remote location like Tulum - but instead we made the best of it and did something we would have NEVER done - we went to the clubs together with all of our friends. I would never have been able to do that in Tulum. So there will be great light at the end - once you are down there and over the shock and all the plans are in place - you will trully enjoy your stay and your special day - Till I get my pc back up - if you have any questions please let me know - I want to help any of you stressed out brides in any way I can. I know that this is supposed to be a very special time for everyone so keep in mind that it will end up that way in the end.
  3. Well...I am baaaack and I have to say it was great. Once I got there the first two days were a complete cluster #* - We ran from place to place trying to organize everything. We met with Landy ( who is a really nice gal that really pulled the whole thing together - without her help my guests would have ended up in all different places - but she was able to get everyone into one hotel on a one day notice - AMAZING!!!) I will post a more detailed review but I just wanted to throw out to the girls the fact that Dreams Cancun is a very nice place. They do A LOT of bautiful weddings and can pull off just about anything you ask of them right when you get there. The location for wedding is very very nice as well ( it's on a cliff over looking deep blue water ) Since we had to plan out all new activities - for those of you that are activity prone - there is an amazing activity center with any and all sports, dolphin swiming and excursions you can think of right there on the premice, as well as scuba diving and snorkling. The beach is VERY VERY nice and calm - we had kids playing in the water playing the whole days long as the nice beach waiters brought us beverages of choice on a regular bases. If anyone has any questions at all please shoot them over and I will answer all I can. I will post pics probably tonight or tomorrow as well ( those too came out better then I could have hoped for - I would have asked for a longer session though ) Talk to you all soon
  4. So...new day and and this point no use making more fuss now. Me and all my guest are moving over to Dreams Cancun. I have studies all there is to know about the resort and even if it's not what I have dreamed of it's what we will make of it. My FI is being supper dupper cool about the whole thing and I am looking forward to getting there tomorow to scout everything out.
  5. Ladies - Thank you all for sending out all the kind wishes and I do wish for some seriouse alcahol right now - but as I sit here at work stupified - all I can do is read through the Dreams Cancun thread as fast as possible - collect as many ideas as I can and contact as many brides from there that have done it already as I can to gather some thoughts. Of course they all seem to be very happy with the results of their wedding so I am sure it will be ok. I am though a bit sad about losing my excursions that I have planned and stuff - but I will just have to figure out something else... "Everything happens for a reason" So thanks everyone and Ladies that will be at the Dreams Cancun with me that have been moved as well - well we will sure to be having a few shots together!!!
  6. Thanks for the note - I will be reading through this thread now to find out as much info as I can about the resort in the next day - does anyone have some videos and or pics that they would be willing to send to me so that I can share that with my FI who of course is also a bit freaked out by all this so that I can calm him and my self a bit. I just had it all planned out in my mind and now have to change it all it's freaking me out A LOT!!!
  7. We had trips planned for excursion, fishing trips and bond fire planned - now I have found out that Cancun does not allow bondfires on the beach so we have to think of another rehersal party for everyone and figurea out how to do other excursions and fishing trips - all in the next DAY!!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by TA Jill Hang, did claudia tell you that they use cancun studios for the photography? I had asked if the photographer had a website, but she never said, and she didn't give me a name. I did contact cancun studios for prices a few weeks ago, but they didn't mention that they are the photographer there. I was just curious, sometimes it so hard to get an answer on things! Thanks for posting that info! Hey there--- I just found out that the resort that I have been planning my wedding at for the last 11 month is closed ( Dreams Tulum ) and we are being moved to Dreams Cancun with all of our party. I am due to get married in exactly one week and of course a bit stressed now that I have this news. Can you please briefly tell me if this resort does wedding on the beach? We were planning a cook out at the beach in Tulum - would that be possible at this resort - and any other piece of information you can share with me would be great since I have 1 day untill I leave to get this all figured out. Thanks very very much
  9. We are being redirected to Dreams Cancun now!!! What a let down!!! It's not as nice and remote as we wanted - And I don't even want to go into all the details of the fact that there most likely are other weddings booked already!!!! Now it's really last minute planning by the seat of our pants!!
  10. OMG!!!! I am supposed to leave on Thursday and just saw this!!!! I have called CheapTickets and on the phone with them for the last 20 minuts with no answers. The resort is definetly closed and I can't get an answer as to were all my guest will going to What phone number has anyone been able to reach the Dreams Tulum at Has anyone heard anything new about moving the reservations? I am about to lose my little mind!!!
  11. OMG!!!! I am supposed to leave on Thursday and just saw this!!!! I have called CheapTickets and on the phone with them for the last 20 minuts with no answers. The resort is definetly closed and I can't get an answer as to were all my guest will going to What phone number has anyone been able to reach the Dreams Tulum at Has anyone heard anything new about moving the reservations? I am about to lose my little mind!!!
  12. The price for the bondfire is different if you wish to do food and snaks (which is what we will be doing) or if you are just doing snack. In the last few weeks I have had more contact with Lizette and she asures me that they are able to accomodate most of any requests we may have. We are even getting a DJ last minute and they are able to help us with that I am really looking forward to getting there in a week and getting everthing finalized - this has been a very long drawn out deal so it will be quite the relif to get it all done :-) I will be back on the 12th so if anyone has any last minute dyre questions that they must have answered before their trip down - please let me know and I will try to get any clarifications I can.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by ERnurse So after reading a post a while ago and randomly thinking about it yesterday night, I hadn't had a clue..... but i know you girls always have the answer!!! Once you are pronounced hubby and wife, and you take your walk down the aisle... when the aisle ends, where do you go from there? It just seems like that would be a really awkward situation. Do you just stand there at the end of the aisle and wait for everyone to join you, do you do a "U" turn and walk right back to ceremony area where everyone is seated to chat. I just don't want to feel like a fool at that moment, so I was wondering what some of you did and what some of you are planning on doing. Thank you, ~Julie That's a great question - My FI and I have been talking about that and other details after the ceremony - It seems that with as great of a lax enviornment that it is - there is actually very little planned. I am concerned that the I will feel awkward with not enough planning and the guests might get bored. But that may just be my overactive mind going as I get closer to the date. We don't have a DJ booked so I am loading up my ipod and making a list for our MC (best man) to anounce toasts durring dinner - Would love to hear some other ideas that you ladies are coming up with to pass the time as the night rolls on - as well as the "right after the ceremony" time questions. Thanks all,
  14. I did find the same issue with the insurance - however I did make sure that with the company that I booked that it was all included in the price - It seems that having a car - and we have found this to be true of all the trips we have taken, works out to be cheaper, more convenient and more fun then flipping for a cab everytime you wish to go anywhere. But you are right - you have to make sure the insurance is included b/c that can work out to be more expensive then renting the car Quote: Originally Posted by Theresa08 Just a note about the car rentals. While they get you with prices, they kill you in insurance. Friends of mine got a great deal of $99 for the week, then were hit with another $100 for insurance, so factor that in. Also, Costco is in Cancun, which is over 1.5 hours from Tulum. There is a SAMs Club that is closer, but it is still about 30-45 minutes away.
  15. Based on the interest that has been shown in getting the car rental info as well as the transportation I just thought I would post it here and have it available for all to use: Car rental Info: e-mail - cun@cancuncarrental.com.mx phone - (99 892-7017 y (99 898-0537 Transportation - e-mail hotel_acuario@yahoo.com.mx Let me know if anyone needs more info and I will be glad to help. Quote: Originally Posted by ERnurse Carina, If you could provide that list of playa hot spots I would be forever grateful. My FI and I love playa and try to visit it as much as possible whenever we are in cancun area.... but usually walk around aimlessly and choose a place to eat at or to party at randomly, it would be great to have some suggestions. Thanks
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