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    Ceremony Music

    Thanks for the ideas. I'm really stuck on this one. This will give me a few ideas to start things off.
  2. Has anyone used the resort photographer at Dreams PC? I am purchasing a wedding package from the resort and have 50 photos included in the package. Does anyone have samples of the resorts work? Also after the cermony did the photogrpaher offer to sell a C.D. with all the photos that were taken. I'm interested in purhcasin all the photos on C.D. and am looking for a round about number to put into my buget. I have asked the WC many times and the only response that I get is that I can make these arrangments with the photographer when I arrive
  3. shelley0930

    Ceremony Music

    I was just wondering what other brides have used for ceremony music or what they plan on using and how they timed the music. I want there to be music before the ceremony starts and when the groom and BM enter also when the MOH enters and when I enter. I'm not sure if I should use one song or two different songs. Let me know if you have and ideas or what worked for you.
  4. When I first booked our trip at Dreams I asked if and when adeposit needed to be made to reserve our wedding date and time. I was told that no deposit was needed all I had to do was book my room. I found out today that a deposit is needed (by checking the Dreand PC website) and was not informed by the resort. I e-mailed who I think is my new WC (Juliana is gone) and asked why I was not notified and to make sure that my wedding date and time is still reserved. Has anybody else had these troubles with Dreams PC. I am starting to become very worried about having my wedding there. Any advice or tips from recent Dreams PC brides? Please help!
  5. shelley0930

    Dreams WC???

    I had a feeling that may have been what happened. I sent an e-mail to Juliana a few weeks ago and someone by the name of Omry Palanco wrote back. Omry never explained or made an mention od Juliana.
  6. shelley0930

    Night wedding?

    I am also getting married at Dreams Punta Cana. I was told by my wedding coordinator that my ceremony would also take place at 7p.m. I told her that I was unhappy with that time and wanted the ceremony to take place at 5p.m. She explained that they ceremony could take place at 5p.m. but would have to be witht he wedding coordinator and not the judge. When the judge arrives at 7p.m. the legal documnets would be signed.
  7. How did you secure an exact time for your cermony? My travel agent keeps telling me that my ceremony will take place about 7p.m., because that is when the judge will arrive. I would really like to have the ceremony about 5ish to allow time for the pics. Please help.
  8. Shelley & Jamie November 6th Dreams Punta Cana
  9. shelley0930

    Dreams Punta Cana - Golf

    Thanks for your help. I am looking for feedback on some of the courses, since I am not a golfer.
  10. My ring is insured through Allstate as well. We recieved a discount for insuring the car, the apartment and the ring all through the same compnay. I think we pay an extra $3 or $4 a month for the ring insurance.
  11. I was wondering if anyone had any inormation on golf courses near Dreams Punta Cana. My father is very curious to know if he can golf and what the courses are like. Any input would be great, because he is not going to bother bringing his clubs if the golf courses are not worth it. Thanks
  12. shelley0930

    New to BDW

    Hi My name is Shelley. I am getting married 11/6/2008 at Dreams Punta Cana