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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by S2BLennon You look beautiful! Thanks for sharing! LOL (since I couldn't find you on facebook!) So how warm was it there this time of year? was it cool at night? that you wanted a sweatshirt? The weather was in the 90's, at night was still very warm...I think out of 2 weeks, I wore a jacket once, and that was because I had too much sun that day and kept getting the chills...
  2. My Public Shoebox pictures from friends & fun photos on webshots I hope this link works....I only managed to upload 75, it takes so long...
  3. Carrie-Dreams DR

    Mutiple Weddings One Day

    when I was at Dreams, PC , April 5-19th,we saw at least 2/3 weddings per day..it was kind of crazy..we got married on the 8th, and fortunately we were the only wedding that day...
  4. Carrie-Dreams DR

    Big Brother 9 ...

    I think A-baller will win...
  5. Carrie-Dreams DR

    Trio music?

    I used the Carribean Trio at Dreams PC, they were really good..to be honest I was too distracted to even hear what they were playing....
  6. Carrie-Dreams DR

    PhotoSouvernir and Dreams Issue

    I used Tropical photography at the Dreams Resort..I am very happy with the pics..I haven't yet uploaded all my pics as I just got back on Sunday..I do have some on my Facebook if you are interested in seeing some PM me. Carrie Thornton
  7. Carrie-Dreams DR

    Dreams Punta Cana Wedding Photos

    WE had the honeymoon suite for 2 weeks. We absolutely loved it. The suites are large and have a balcony with a hottub, there is a walk-in closet, double sinks, and stand up shower. There is a separate livingroom with a couch, chair, coffee table, wall unit with tv..Seeing all my other guests rooms, I was more than pleased with mine. I would definitely recommend it.
  8. Carrie-Dreams DR

    Saona Island

    We did the Saona Island trip last week..It was a long day...We left the resort at 7:40am, and came back at 6:00pm. The bus ride to get to the speed boat was just over an hour, then the speed boat over to the Catamaran. The Catamaran ride was about another hour. Once we got to Saona Island, we were actually kind of bored. The vendors there are really annoying and pushy, you are constantly telling them no. We did see a lot of fish by the reefs, we were feeding them bread..it was actually the hi-light of Saona Island. When we left there we took the speedboat to the natural swimming pool, where we found and held 3 starfish...there are not a lot of them, stayed there 20 minutes or so, then took the speedboat back to the bus. On the way back to the resort, the bus stops at some shops, so you can purchase some souvenirs and there is a mini-mart in there. ( We were more then happy to buy Pringles, we were starving, the lunch served on Saona was not that good. All in all, I would rate it 6 out of 10. Wouldn't do it again.
  9. Carrie-Dreams DR

    Tattoo Wedding Rings

    my FI and I are doing this when we come back from our wedding in April....
  10. April 8, 2008..Dream PC.. still waiting for my dress to come in...everything else is done...
  11. Carrie-Dreams DR

    Dreams Punta Cana Brides

    actually, Julianna is Grisele's sister and she is now taking over as WC...she is amazing to deal with and is very helpful...I am leaving for my wedding in 24 days..so I will let you know how she was..
  12. Carrie-Dreams DR

    Eyelash Extensions *post ALL info here*

    A co-worker told me about a place called XtremeLashes, I found a location near my work and got semi-lashes put on today..they are really cute. My wedding is 4 weeks away, so I will have to go back to get maintenance done on them. They are supposed to last for up to 2 months if taken care of properly...I can't believe the difference it makes on my appearance though...
  13. Carrie-Dreams DR

    Where are you registered?

    we also did not register anywhere...we don't really need anything as we have been living together for over a 1 year, and I have been on my own for 13 years..most people have been giving us cash gifts which has paid off our wedding debt already...
  14. Carrie-Dreams DR

    Group Rate Costs

    hey ladies, I used selloffvacations to book our trip in April 08, to Dreams PC, and we booked 11 people at once and they each paid $1355 taxes incl. they all had to put a $100 deposit, and pay the rest 3 weeks later, but it worked out perfectly. We booked for 2 weeks, and got the honeymoon suite for week 1, then a deluxe room for the 2nd week all for under $5000 for the both of us. Since we have had other people book and the price is still under $1500 per person ...
  15. I will definitely let you ladies know about my experience and share my pics...