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  1. Does anyone know how many can be seated at the long tables? Also has anyone used the sound system?? Is there someone running it? Can you tell me anything about it? Thanks! I'll be leaving soon....I'll try to answer whatever questions I can when I return...
  2. maybe a silly question but do I need just 2 different colors of sand for the sand ceremony??
  3. about the video...does it have music to go with it?? Are we suppose to bring the music? Also a question about the rooms....is there a belcony in the tower rooms? And has anyone stayed in the pyramid building if so how are those rooms?? Thanks a bunch!!!!
  4. Can anyone tell me about the sand ceremony?? Did anyone do this and if so did you bring your own stuff? How many differrent colors of sand are you suppose to have and when is it done?? Thanks a bunch!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by dmarie17 They didn't seem strict about that policy at all. The first night we were there, Chris wore shorts (not real nice ones at that... like cargo style khakis) to the fish restaurant and they didn't glance twice. He also wore sandals every night so I really don't think that they enforce anything. The only thing that I did see them refuse was people in swim suits. You do have to have a dry cover up on at the least. Ok that's good to know...thank you!!!
  6. Congratulations!!!! I have a question about dress codes..alot of my guests are asking about the restaraunts..do you have to wear long pants?? Can they wear nice shorts?? If they have to wear pants can they wear jeans Also do they have to wear closed toed shoes or can they wear sandals?? Thanks so much..I e-mailed Claudia a couple of times with this question...but I'm sure she is busy!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Ana Cerda At the Hitmitsu, Seaside Grill, Orceana Restaurants you cannot wear shorts. They have signs by the door. Can they wear sandals? How many other restaurants are there that does not call for pants...is it just the buffet? Thanks!
  8. To those who have been to Dreams....What are the dress codes like in the restaurants? Do the guys have to bring any pants or closed toed shoes? Or will they be ok with sandals and shorts?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Angel Claudia isn't gone because I just received an email from here a couple of days ago. I think another WC by the name of Gaby replaced Cecilia. oh ok that's a relief....thanks!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by bbpacco I have a question about deposit! I am a August 2009 bride, and on the first contract I received, deposit date is December 2008. However, since the previous WC left, Gaby the new WC sent me an updated contract, but she wanted me to make the deposit by Mid August this year! Did anyone need to pay deposit like a year ahead?? I emailed her, and she said she has to get it by that time. Sigh... They have a new WC? Claudia is gone? I've been trying to e-mail Claudia for months now and no response..do you have the new WC e-mail? thanks~
  11. kristi

    Packing Wedding Supplies

    How are you guys getting your dress there? Are you putting it in a suit case?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by cancunbride these are the ones I will be wearing on my special day... love these!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by tlomlad glad we could help mrs henry!!!!(future) Just wondering if that was the only area of beach...or is there another part??
  14. Are you guys doing a sand ceremony? Or any readings? If so where are you buying your sand? Also at the reception are you doing a garter/bouquet toss? If so when are you doing this? I'm having my reception in the club tower but want to do dancing outside on the terrace..anyone else doing this? I was just wondering how I would have them set up the sound system? Past brides....can we leave the doors open so we can hear it and set up outside? I'm so clueless to all this stuff!!! Thanks for your help.
  15. So glad to hear 3 or 4 is a good time...friends were just telling me it might be too hot..but what do they know..ha! Quote: Originally Posted by PDXlove We're getting married at 4:00 PM in November as well. I did a lot of research on the weather in Cancun in November and the reviews are that it is great. November is after or at the very tail end of hurricane season and it rains during the month but Jilly and others have said that its a quick 10 minute down pour and then beautiful again. You will be just fine!!! (and by you, I mean 'we' :-))