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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by kharper1976 Does anyone know if the Barcelo has been renovated/updated since those reviews? The photos I see of the rooms on their site appear to be very updated: Photos gallery Puerto Vallarta - Mexico Does anyone have a recent experience with this resort? My fiance and I are still considering Barcelo vs. Dreams...Thank you!! Kelly Not sure if you read Tripadvisor, but there is apparently alot of people getting sick at this resort in the last month or so.
  2. Our lawyer charged us $100 + tax. That was for a total of 6 documents. This was in Manitoba. Apparently is is much cheaper in other provinces. I think $75 per document is a scam!!!! I hope it all works out for you. (Hey, we have the same wedding day!)
  3. Hey girls, I had my lawyer make copies of our birth certificate (wallet size), passport and divorce certificate, and he typed up a letter for each, and notarized each letter. I emailed all 12 documents to Chandlyn the other day, and this was her response: Thanks for the document. These are ok for now. Regards Chandlyn I will be bringing the documents with me to give to her when we arrive. Did someone say that you have to give them your originals to keep?? That doesn't seem right.....
  4. I think there is golfing nearby at the Sandals resort, and the pricing seemed pretty reasonable. Not sure off hand how much it was, but I think it is on here or trip advisor somewhere. We have a couple of golfers in our group that are looking forward to going there.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by amagee Jamaica2009, When I emailed Chandlyn she told me everything was booked except Seagrape, so she emailed me last week to confirm that I had the Seagrape. I agree everything is very inconsistant. What time is your wedding at? Mine is at 1:00pm at the beach gazeebo. Hi Amagee, our wedding is at 4:00 on the beach; I haven't yet decided if we will use the gazebo or not. I realize that Chandlyn is busy, but it ticks me off that I emailed her repeatedly about Seagrape, and every time, she replied that it was booked. And this was some time ago. Oh well. I am not going to let it ruin things, I just console myself with the thought that yes, the disco may be cheesy, but hey, if it happens to rain, at least we will be inside! (I know, it probably won't rain!)
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by amagee Hey Ladies! Just a heads up.... I emailed Chandlyn yesterday to find out which after dinner reception locations were available for my January 2009 wedding, and everything except the Seagrape was booked. So make sure you book ASAP!! But lately she has been really good about replying to my emails! Thats weird; I emailed Chandlyn at least a good month ago about booking Seagrape for an after dinner reception (our wedding is January 16 also!) and she told me everything but the disco was booked. I ended up going with the disco, but I had really wanted Seagrape, or the poolside. Did you end up booking Seagrape? Thank god we don't have too many things to worry about, like a typical wedding, because the inconsistency in information is driving me nuts!
  7. I thought I read somewhere on here that you could email it; if so, that is probably what I am going to do. Probably September or October. I don't want to send it too soon, as I am worried they will loose it!
  8. April 2008 BridesHeidi: wedding on April 4; there from 4/1-4/8 (28 guests)misstoya: wedding on April 5, there from 4/2-4/9Ange: wedding on April 8; there from 4/5 -4/12Jen (J&M): wedding on April 9 ( 9 guests)Marlon(Ilandking): wedding on April 10' there from 4/7-4/14Jocelyn: wedding on April 10; there from 4/5-4/12yboone98: wedding on April 11; there 4/9-1/13Mandie (pook2b) wedding on April 11; there from 4/8 - 4/22Jenn (jenanmag) Wedding on 4/12 there from 4/9 to 4/15Twelve Piece: wedding on April 12; there from 4/9-4/19Amanda: wedding on April 17; there from 4/12-4/19Ochoriobride: wedding on April 22nd; there from 4/19-4/26 (36 guests)May 2008 BridesAlexandra (geology_rocks): wedding day May 5, there May 2-9md_ocr: May 5th - May 15th (wedding on May 10 @ Riu) then heading to Couples San Souci from May 15 - May 20th for honeymoonAmandalovesryan: wedding day on May 12th, there May 8th-16thamandatheo: wedding on 13th Mayleslie: wedding day on May 14th; there May 10th-24thLizz: wedding on May 16 (85 guests) @ ROR May 10-19; @ SGOR May 19-23 AlmostMrsForbes: wedding on May 19th; there from May 14th-20th (then off to Couples)!Jenn08: wedding on May 23, there from 19-26Davina: wedding on May 29, /Guests btw 25-352BMOSLEY: Wedding on May 31. Arrive: May 28.June 2008 BridesSara (cantwattobemrs): wedding June 10, there June 6-14 (12 guests)ButlerGirl08: wedding on June 14. Arrive June 11th, Leave June 22ndJuneBride2B: wedding on June 14Patrice & Hanif (MoB Nicole): wedding on June 27Bobbi-Francis: wedding June 28; there 6/25-7/3July 2008 BridesJuanslake: Wedding on July 3; there 6/30 - 7/6Brittney: Wedding on July 12; there from July 9-14MrsInTraining: wedding on July 19; there from July 16-23RiuBride2B: wedding on July 26; there from July 23-28August 2008 BridesMelissa (Shenmaat): wedding Aug 8th, there Aug 4th - 10thAsha: Wedding Aug 2, there Aug July 31- Aug -4 /98 GuestsOctober 2008 BridesKishalee: wedding Oct 4th, there Oct 1-8Msklee: wedding Oct 25, there Oct 23-27November 2008 BridesDara: wedding on November 1st: there from October 27 to November 3Kater: wedding on November 7thGeminiLibra: wedding on November 15January 2009 BridesBecky (BeckyN): wedding on Jan 5th, there Dec 31-Jan10 (35-50 guests)jen&tyler: wedding on Jan 14thAmanda (amagee): wedding on Jan 16th, there Jan12-Jan19Shawna&Larry (Jamaica2009): wedding on Jan 16th (21 - 25 guests) Lindsay (Linzibella): Wedding on Jan 20thChristene: wedding Jan 22ndChicklet: wedding on Jan 22nd (hopefully)March 2009 BridesSunny: wedding on March 18April 2009 BridesMoKe0506: wedding on April 4thkitty_kat_uk: wedding on April 8th, there 2-16 April - 23 people coming! (all the way from England!)ladam10854: wedding on April 29thkimajf45: wedding April 2009 (leaning towards April 28th or 29th)May 2009 Bridesdrbrainfreeze: wedding on may 9thJune 2009 Bridesbsullivan2: wedding on June 20September 2009 Brides:KHarrod: wedding on Sept 12th
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by chicklet Wow, this is pretty cool. There are a couple of you that will be down there the same time as us. Maybe we could all get together for drinks or something..*lol*. Christenew - you have the same wedding date as me. That's exciting and you're from my area to boot (well an hour or so away). Did you have troubles booking?? I am trying to switch to this day from the 28th (that is what I orginally booked because I didn't think I could get the 22nd but it was just the time slot that wasn't available. What time slot do you have?? What package did you girls pick?? I have learnt a lot through another wedding site so if I can help anyone out...just fire questions. As for Chandyln... I have emailed her to ask her about the free package but I haven't received a response as of yet (i mailed wed). That would be fun to get together, there seems to be alot of us 'Canadian' girls getting married at the ROR, that would be fun to get together.... So far we are going with the free package, but adding a few things. I really want to add the steel drum band, but as far as anything else goes, still unsure. This destination wedding planning is awesome, you can make it as complicated or simple as you like, I really like that!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by BeckyN For those of you who haven't yet... you should add your name and date to: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t10622-16 I tried adding my name and date to that post, but somewhere along the line someone took it out.
  11. Hi there, we are booked to arrive in Jamaice January 11th, and we are staying 2 weeks. Our wedding is booked for January 16 at 4:00. And I totally agree, it was disappointing that the resort told everyone that March or April is when they could start booking, thank god I checked this website, because the week we are there is almost booked up for wedding times, or at least on the Riu website it shows that. We have been to a few different winter hot spots, and Jamaica is one that I have wanted to go to for awhile. We wanted a destination wedding and Jamaica seems like the easiest, paperwork wise, to get married at. You don't have to change all your documents over to spanish, which is a big plus. We have put our deposits down, and the flight time is tentatively confirmed. Our TA said it was a 'pre registration', we were told that March or April is when the tour operator will be confirming the flights. We are pretty excited, although trip advisor has not had the best reviews of the Riu lately, but what can you do! Congrats to all!
  12. Riu Ocho Rios Brides January 2008 Brides Cherie: wedding January 17th, there January 12th-26th Becky: wedding January 23; there 1/19 - 1/26 Becky (bex1975): wedding Jan 26; there 1/23-2/1 Ktownbride - wedding Jan 31; there 1/27 - 2/10 February 2008 Brides Natasha (pouchie) wedding Feb 7th JamaicaBride08: wedding Feb 8th, there 2/3-2/10 Janelle (Jmhein): wedding February 12, there 2/9 - 2/16 (40 guests) Therese (chicago88 ): wedding Feb 15th, there 2/12 - 2/20 Mopher: wedding Feb 20th Flowerchic2323: wedding Feb 26 March 2008 Brides nancylou7: wedding on March 3 Hez43: Wedding March 8 RIU from 5-11, Negril 11-15 Crawford2B: Wedding on March 13, there 3/10-3/17 Anna: Wedding on 14th March, there from 6th March - 21st March Octavia: March 15, dates there 3/12-3/19 Becky(Olivia): Wedding March 21, there 3/17 - 3/27 Kimmykatbride: March 26, 2008-there from 22-29, then in Negril for 1 week April 2008 Brides Heidi: wedding on April 4; there from 4/1-4/8 (28 guests) misstoya: wedding on April 5, there from 4/2-4/9 Ange: wedding on April 8; there from 4/5 -4/12 Jen (J&M): wedding on April 9 ( 9 guests) Marlon(Ilandking): wedding on April 10' there from 4/7-4/14 Jocelyn: wedding on April 10; there from 4/5-4/12 yboone98: wedding on April 11; there 4/9-1/13 Mandie (pook2b) wedding on April 11; there from 4/8 - 4/22 Jenn (jenanmag) Wedding on 4/12 there from 4/9 to 4/15 Twelve Piece: wedding on April 12; there from 4/9-4/19 Amanda: wedding on April 17; there from 4/12-4/19 Ochoriobride: wedding on April 22nd; there from 4/19-4/26 (36 guests) May 2008 Brides Alexandra (geology_rocks): wedding day May 5, there May 2-9 md_ocr: wedding on May 10 Amandalovesryan: wedding day on May 12th, there May 8th-16th amandatheo: wedding on 13th May leslie: wedding day on May 14th; there May 10th-24th Lizz: wedding on May 16; there from May 10-19 AlmostMrsForbes: wedding on May 19th; there from May 14th-20th (then off to Couples)! Jenn08: wedding on May 23, there from 19-26 Davina: wedding on May 29, /Guests btw 25-35 2BMOSLEY: Wedding on May 31. Arrive: May 28. June 2008 Brides Sara (cantwattobemrs): wedding June 10, there June 6-14 (12 guests) FutureMrsButler08: wedding on June 14 JuneBride2B: wedding on June 14 Bobbi-Francis: wedding June 28; there 6/25-7/3 July 2008 Brides Juanslake: Wedding on July 3; there 6/30 - 7/6 Brittney: Wedding on July 12; there from July 9-14 MrsInTraining: wedding on July 19; there from July 16-23 RiuBride2B: wedding on July 26; there from July 23-28 August 2008 Brides Melissa (Shenmaat): wedding Aug 8th, there Aug 4th - 10th Asha: Wedding Aug 2, there Aug July 31- Aug -4 /98 Guests October 2008 Brides Kishalee: wedding Oct 4th, there Oct 1-8 Msklee: wedding Oct 25, there Oct 23-27 November 2008 Brides Dara: wedding on November 1st: there from October 27 to November 3 Kater: wedding on November 7th GeminiLibra: wedding on November 15 January 2009 Brides Becky (naga0066): wedding on Jan 5th, there Dec 31-Jan10 (35-50 guests) jen&tyler: wedding on Jan 14th Kristen&Brad (hulahooty): wedding Jan 15th Shawna&Larry (Jamaica2009): wedding Jan 16th Lindsay (Linzibella): Wedding on Jan 20th Christene: wedding Jan 22nd April 2009 Brides MoKe0506: wedding on April 4th kitty_kat_uk: wedding on April 8th, there 2-16 April ladam10854: wedding on April 29th May 2009 Brides drbrainfreeze: wedding on may 9th June 2009 Brides bsullivan2: wedding on June 20 September 2009 Brides: KHarrod: wedding on Sept 12th
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by JamaicaBride08 We just got back from our honeymoon in Negril and the last two weeks have been incredible! We got down there on a Sunday, asked about a upgrade when we checked in and were upgraded to an Ocean suite on Tuesday. We met with Chandlyn and went over things really quickly. I had all of my email confirmations, but it made me a little nervous that she was making notes of things that were already "confirmed". We ended up spending 3g on our free wedding with the upgrades. Our flowers were 1g, which is completely ridiculous, but I absolutely loved them. We did a Welcome Cocktail at Seagrape with burned CD's, tables, and fire posts. Friday, our ceremony was at 1pm. I'm not going to lie, the break between ceremony/pictures seemed REALLY long and tiring. A bunch of our family changed and went to the pool, but all of the bridal party stayed in their gear. We ate at Mammee Steak for dinner (it was super good), and then had the Seagrape for our actual reception at well. We had a DJ, and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! There was another bride/party and they danced on the outskirts of our party just watching... I'm so happy that we went w/ the Seagrape instead of the alternatives. Chandlyn was GREAT and came through on everything. I was a little nervous, but she was really fantastic. Here are some of my pics...I'm hoping to have more of the reception soon. Warning...there are a lot of "family" pics... Kodakgallery.com*Join now and receive beautiful photographic prints from your camera Hi, nice pics!!! Thanks so much for sharing all the info, it sure helps the rest of us out. I have a couple more questions, hope you don't mind! - You had the beach location, obviously not the gazebo. When did you choose the archway, prior to arriving? - You were married at 1:00? I have noticed some pictures of later weddings that look really dark, in the shade almost. In your opinion, would you say 2:00 or 3:00 would be a good time? - Was the 3 layer cake included? What flavour did you get? - Was it really windy? I guess an up hair style would be best for that Sorry for all the questions!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by drhubby hi! ok I didnt know that about the photographers so thanks! Also, thanks for the pics Mo! we booked Seagrapes and released the disco for our reception. My brother in law has offered to take care of the music. One note for girls on a tight budget (ie me with all my tuition...) We are having a private bus pick us and our family/friends at the airport so we can hand out gift bags on it and get a direct ride to the hotel. We're doing this through Lees tours. We're also doing a day trip with everyone and they have been so accomodating!! I asked Norma (the super nice woman from Lees tours) about what I could do for flowers and she gave me a ridiculously cheap price for flowers for me, my bridesmaids, the groom, and my flower girls AND they'll deliver it to the hotel first thing in the morning. If you need ANY services I am strongly endorsing these guys - they're fantastic and fast to respond by email. I cant believe I'm a week away! Can I ask you many people this bus holds, and the cost? I have thought about doing the same thing, it would be nice not to be the last group delivered to the resorts, and also, the ROR seems very popular, I can imagine this would save the hassle of check in.
  15. I have to say that your pretty amazing, answering all of these questions!!!! Someone asked about the steel band and if they sang; if so, do you have a choice of songs, or do they have a set list? Stupid question, does anyone know what a 'mento' band is Also, you were there for 2 weeks? How was the weather for the 2 weeks? Sorry, last but not least, did you find that it was getting dark by the time you were married at 4:30? And BTW, CONGRATS!
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