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  1. Does the sand ceremony cost extra $$ ?
  2. cecebecka

    Mammee Bay Menu

  3. cecebecka

    Mammee Bay Menu

    Des anyone have a copy of the menu for Mammee Bay...is it the same menu for wedding dinners? Thanks a bunch!
  4. cecebecka

    Ror Review--10/31/08

    Awesome TTD pics at Dunn's Falls! How do you go about arranging that
  5. cecebecka


    Just wondering how long in advance to send the notarized copies of our birth certificates and passports to Chandlyn??
  6. cecebecka

    Tattoo Removal Options

    I picked up a couple of tubs of Dermablend while in Vegas last week...this stuff is amazing! My tattoo disappears under it and it's not even as light as it will be in March. Thanks for the recommendation!!!! ...Vegas was AMAZING!
  7. cecebecka

    Tattoo Removal Options

    I'm definitely going to try Dermablend. I've been looking for a heavy duty cover-up and Dermablend looks great online. We don't have it in Canada (they don't even ship here) but I'm going to VEGAS tomorrow so I'll pick it up there! Thanks!
  8. cecebecka

    Tattoo Removal Options

    The angel wings are for a friend of mine that passed away...but they are crooked! They're pretty big, 5 inches each! I've had 5 sessions so far and the shading is gone and the black outline is now grey, so it's working just not as fast as I would like! I'll probably need at least 5 more laser treatments $$$
  9. cecebecka

    Tattoo Removal Options

    Just wondering if anyone else has a tattoo they are desperate to get rid of? I have angel wings across my back and have had 5 laser treatments so far (ouch). I just really hope it will be gone by March!!!
  10. cecebecka

    Seagrape or Poolside?

    E-mail Chandlyn now, weddings.ori@riu.com I have the restaurant and reception booked. My travel agent didn't know you could book early...I found out from this forum and told her
  11. I asked her which one she recommends and she said "the Seagrape is nice."
  12. Can you send me info too please for Ocho Rios? cecebecka@hotmail.com Thanks!
  13. cecebecka

    Which Monogram?

    I choose #3!
  14. Okay, sorry guys! Chandlyn is recommending Seagrape, so I am now going with that!
  15. cecebecka

    Disco Renters...

    Should we burn CD's or can the DJ use our I POD? For the poolside reception the DJ is $150/hr but $15 pp...