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  1. Thanks for all your replies, they've really helped. I understand now how I need to accumalate points and I quite agree with the system and I've started the welcoming of noobs to help gain a few points when I'm on line. I must say all the information on here is fantastic and seeing all your pictures makes the planning seem more of a reality. Thank you everyone!
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    2 Months to Choose - Dreams Cancun, Finally!!!

    Congratulations and welcome!
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    Newbie Saying Hello

    I have friends who honeymooned in Jamaica and said it was fantastic! Happy planning.
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    Hi, I'm new

    We've chosen Dreams Cancun for our wedding this August and I hope it's as good as the reviews say it is. I fell in love with the gazebo overlooking the see, and the dolphins of course! Hope you find the perfect destination for your wedding.
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    Welcome to the forum. There's lots of fantastic information on here. Hope you enjoy looking at everyone's planning pictures as much as me!
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    Brand New

    Welcome to the forum, from one AmandaB to another! Happy planning.
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    WELCOME I'm getting married at Dreams Cancun in August this year, but there's lots of fantastic information on this site. Hope you find the perfect venue.
  8. Thanks Jodey, but apparently I don't have enough 'points' to view the link I'm not sure how I accumalate extra points. Is there any chance you could send me the link to my email address, which is a.bestwick@hotmail.co.uk. Glad to see there's another Brit Dreams Bride too! Amanda xxx
  9. Thank you so much for your replies. I'd actually seen some of the pictures of the bouquets after I'd sent my post, which was very helpful. We weren't told that guests had to stay at Dreams too. We were told that we had to have an upgraded room in order to receive the free wedding package and that guests who weren't staying at Dreams needed a day pass. I'll definitely check this out. Thank you for the email address for Claudia, I'll send her an email and hope she replies before August Amanda xxx
  10. Hi I'm getting married at Dreams Cancun on 20 August 2008. We've had all the wedding pack sent to us and we have chosen the time of the ceremony and answered some very simple questions on a form we were given through Thomas Cook. I was wondering if anyone else knew whether it is common practice not to decide on cake, flowers, reception etc. until you arrive at the resort?? I wondered if anyone had a contact email address of the wedding coordinator (I think it's Claudia, but not sure if she's the coordinator for Thomas Cook). We're not even sure what kind of reception we get for the price of the wedding package. There are 15 coming to Dreams for the wedding, but staying in a different hotel. We know we've to pay a day pass for everyone, but would like to know the cost of all the extras so we know what to budget for once we get there. I've got lots of questions, but feel a bit left in the dark. Our local Thomas Cook travel agent doesn't know much about it at all. Hope you can ease my worries Thank you Amanda x
  11. Congratulations! We're getting married at Dreams on 20 August 2008 and we're having the ceremony at 5 p.m. Has anyone else been married in Mexico in August? Slightly worried about hurricane seasons! I'm slightly worried as I'm under the impression that we won't be in contact with Claudia until we arrive on the 11 August, which is stressing me out slight. I want to know exactly what will be happening before I get there and how much extras I will have to pay for, such as chair covers, gazebo decorating, meals for guests, blood tests, toasts etc. As you can see I've lots of questions If anyone has an email address for Claudia I would be very grateful! Thanks Amanda
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    Hi, I'm a Newbie!

    As requested, I've attached a link of my dress and also the bridesmaid dress. The colour of my dress is slightly different as I've ordered it in claret, but at least you can see the style. The photo actually doesn't do it justice. It's hard to believe from the picture that it had the WOW factor, but it definitely did. Hope you all like it. I'm hoping to get lots of of ideas from this forum. I've seem some fantastic pictures so far. I hope to be able to offer my advice once I've had my own experience at Dreams. Amanda Attachment 1358 Attachment 1359 Attachment 1360 Attachment 1361
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    Hi, I'm a Newbie!

    Thanks. I've been browsing and enjoyed looking at all the pictures of Dreams. I'm getting married in a claret red dress so I'm hoping it can be decorated to suit. I am interested in what the wedding cake provided in the wedding package is like. We have been given the choice of: vanilla cake, cheesecake or traditional Mexican 3 milk cake Would be interested to know what cakes everyone else had included with the wedding package. Looking forward to reading lots more posts! Amanda x
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    Hi, I'm a Newbie!

    Hi I'm new to the forum. 1. Amanda 2. 20 August 2008 3. Cancun Dreams Amanda