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  1. those are great! i just ordered mine yesterday from vistaprint.com. i can't wait to get them.
  2. the look on your face is priceless and you're so lucky to have those. i wish i had pictures of my engagement. but we were in south beach and it was on the beach late at night so no pics here.
  3. Fiiiiiiinnnnnnaaaaaaaaallllllllllllyyyyyyyy!!! after back and forth emails and all the waiting we finally set our date!! 11/22/08!!! i'm so excited that i can start finally planning. i've been soo stressed trying to set a date with claudia and daniella. i was told that there were no weekend dates available in november but i guess something fell through. or maybe i just got lucky. anyone else getting married at 2pm? i wanted a later time but i guess beggars can't be choosers, huh? i feel like theres been a tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders.
  4. hello everyone!!!!!!! my name is tiffaney and i just wanted to introduce myself. i'm newly engaged (11/2/2007) and my fiance's name is vince. we're planning on getting married in cancun or puerto vallarta next november. i've been on the internet religiously for the last few weeks looking at different resorts, wedding packages, photography, reviews, etc... everything totally stresses me out but reading some of the posts on here kind of puts me at ease. So far, i really like the ultimate wedding packages that the dreams resorts offer. i am sooooo open to advice so please give it to me =) thanks everyone!!
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