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  1. Someone on this forum is having a wedding at Sandals and has guests staying at Beaches. I too will have some guests staying at Beaches. I was told that transportation will be provided and shuttle services were available between properties. Today I found out that no shuttle will be available and they will have to take a taxi. Can you please address this and let me know how your guests will be getting to Sandals.
  2. When you had your hair done did they wash it for you or they just styled it. I am wondering if I can enjoy the beach and pool before the wedding.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by kay726 I got married last May at Sandals Dunns River and used a steel drum band for the ceremony . They were really good. We had a quick reception (1/2) hour and used a CD. They only had a little boom box, but I only had about 15 people at the outside reception, so it worked out ok. Be warned, they did not have a ipod player last year, which would have really helped me , but they may have one now. But I would go either way with the dj or the reggae band because they both would probably be good. I thought that the CD was only for the processional, recessional and first dance. If I can use it for the reception I will probably bring a CD wit music to use for the reception.
  4. I am trying to decide between having a DJ or a Reggae band for the reception? What are you all doing for music? I am also looking for feedback from people that has already had their wedding and how was the DJ or Band?
  5. Well here is the situation. I sent out save the dates back in September. I did let everyone know about the day pass issue. My family is originally from Jamaica but all invited guests live in the USA. Most people have waited until the last minute to book and the prices of the rooms have gone up. So I have 11 people not staying at Sandals. Pretty much they have said that they are ok with covering the day pass. I will be paying for 4 people because they are only staying for a very short time. I have 2 people I did not want to invite but I " had to " so I will not pay for them. I guess my issue is although most of my family said they will pay for the day pass I feel bad but at the same time I gave them ample notice about the resort and the day pass issue. Karen
  6. As we already know there is a fee for guests to enter the property on the day of the wedding. "Day Pass" as they call it. It is very expensive. I was wondering if you all have the guest pay this fee of are you all picking up the tab. I am torn on this one. What are you all doing.
  7. You all have lovely songs. Bridal song My love, sweet love Patty Labelle( Waiting to Exhale) First dance Unforgettable Natalie Cole with Nat King Cole. Any suggestions on a song for the recessional music? I can't decide. Karen
  8. I'm walking down the isle to My love, sweet love by Pattie Labelle First dance Unforgettagle Natalie Cole, Nat King Cole Karen
  9. I was wondering if anyone has photos of the wedding sites at Sandals Dunn's river. Is there a site with a gazebo overlooking the ocean?
  10. Hi, I am a Sandals Dunn's River bride and I have not looked into the photos. Will more than likely get a few from them. I also have the prices and photos for the upgrade in flowers and anything else you may need. The free flowers are daisies. Let me know and I can try to post it or email it. Has anyone already had their wedding at Sandals Dunn's River already? If you have a few photos can you post them. I am getting a little anxious and want things to be perfect. Karen
  11. Hello everyone, I am going to order my invitations tomorrow. I will be getting married at Sandals Dunns River and will be having a reception soon after the wedding ceremony at the same hotel. Do you think that I need to order reception cards?
  12. Hello everyone, Looking for someone getting married at SOR. My wedding is in 5/08. Just beginning to start planning.
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