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  1. So, The Holguin area of Cuba is closed until at least November. Our wedding has been moved to the Varadero area. The new resort is nice, but I'm still sad that it isn't the one that I picked. I also didn't want the Varadero area because it's so busy, and will likely be even busier now that everyone from the other area of the country are moving to these resorts. I'm still waiting for confirmation that my wedding date will hopefully stay the same- I've already had favors, gifts and such embroidered, printed and engraved with the Oct.15th! I tracked down pics of the resort: BubbleShare - prdo - By kev Gais Ouch, it was as bad as they were saying. Angel, I HOPE that you are able to just make it by the date of your wedding, the PRDO is an amazing resort and I really hope that you are able to still go. JUST in case, the other resorts that we offered to me were the Paradisus Varadero and the Paradisus Princesa Del Mar in Varadero. Because these are the exact same chain, everything is a complete switch over for the prices that we were expecting- they will honour the prices from the Rio. I was also given the option to cancel and rebook somewhere completely new- but prices would change. Your travel company may be different, but I was with shine Travel through Air Canada Vacations. Well, that's the update, at least there will still be a wedding...3 weeks to go!
  2. I've been back and forth on emotion. I feel horrible that I'm worrying about a wedding when so much has happened to the Cuban people. But, as Angel stated, it's impossible not to freak out when you've spent over a year researching the country, the resort and the details for your WEDDING, only to be told it may not happen and you have to do all that work over again. The video on Youtube is actually comforting. Yes there is damage, but it does look repairable. So hard to wrap your head around the truth as there are SO many completely different accounts of the events and the damage. I truly want to believe my travel agent, who states all is fine, but I just can't trust it until I can see it with my own eyes. Having no control or power over the biggest day of your life feels horrible. I don't want to research new resorts, I chose the PRDO for a reasona and I can't even imagine not being able to get married there. I've gotten close to the wedding planner and can't wait to meet her (again, only hoping the best for her, her family and everyone else in the entire country!). I truly hope that more pictures surface in the next few weeks so that I can feel comfortable going there and knowing that the trip will go well. Again, if this were just any old trip, who cares. But ladies, you all know how much work you've put into your own wedding plans, and imagine how you'd feel only weeks from the day. I'm trying to keep my hopes up, I want nothing more than to be at the PRDO on Oct 11 and having a fabulous time. PS- Angel- when do you fly out and when is your wedding? Perhaps I'll see you there!
  3. My wedding was to be Oct 15 at the Paradisus Rio De Oro, Holguin Cuba. We were to depart Oct 11, exactly 4 weeks from now. The resort has been demolished. I have no idea what i'm going to do. I'm in a serious state of panic and my travel agent is saying things are fine. I've seen the pics, nothing about that part of the country is fine. I have 26 people coming, not easy to reshcedule EVERYTHING. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!? My fiance wants refunds, there's no way I'm cancelling the wedding. Tears are coming...crap. Oh my god- breakdown.
  4. Well, I have my opinions and experiences with my TA that are way less than satisfactory. However, if you want details, you will have to PM- someone has "tattled" on me and taken my post and sent it to my TA- and now our situation is even worse- so thank you to the 5 year old who felt that was necessary. Please grow up. Everyone else- do your research when searching for a TA- GET REFERENCES, and LOTS of them. If I could go back- I wouldn't use a TA, you lose all control when you do that and you are left at their mercy- not a great place to be when planning "your" wedding.
  5. Please do your research for a TA in great length. I used Pauline Blacoe and I have just signed on for a wedding from hell with her. Dear god spare yourself the headache and find someone competent!
  6. Well, thank god, they are working on it. She has taken it to her managers and they are "trying" to rearrange it. So, hopefully it happens...dear god it had better!
  7. Oh ya, I forgot to mention that it's a 9 hour OVERNIGHT layover.....
  8. Thanks for the support! At least I now know that I'm not crazy for feeling how I do. I am still upset about the entire thing. This really is the first trip I have ever planned- let alone for a massive group. When setting up the trip with her, she mentioned nothing about the itinerary, and I just figured it all must be smooth, because a hickup she'd mention- well, she didn't. I still can't believe I heard about it from my fiance's aunt (and she's a complainer, so now I have her to deal with too). I've written a HUGE letter to my TA and haven't had a response yet, but if there's nothing by later today, I'm calling, and yes I'm prepared to go as high up as I can. I just hope there is something that can be done, after all, the deposits are down and I believe we are now stuck with them. I can't believe this. I'm so angry adn I don't know how I"m going to break this to all of my guests.....
  9. Has anyone used Shine Travel in Canada? I have been using them for my wedding travel arrangements so far and I really have to say that I am not impressed. It takes forever to hear back, and when you do, the agent has forgotten to answer all of your questions! The final straw- I just heard from one of my guests (!) that we have a nine hour layover on our way home! My travel agent never mentioned this to me and I'm very upset. In total, we'll be travelling for nearly 24 hours to get home from CUBA! We've already booked and payed our deposit, and have 21 guests on the list. I've insisted that something be compensated- such as hotel rooms for the layover, but am I hoping for this horribleness to be fixed unrealistically? Anyone used this travel company and had problems before? Thoughts on the situation? Help!?!
  10. First of all- CoreyPhil- you have a Cavalier! As do I and they are the absolute best breed, I love you already because you are a fellow Cav'l lover as well! I believe we have settled on Cuba as the prices are a little more of what we're looking for, as well as there is adventure to be had if we feel like hitting Havana and the other sites. I had looked at Varadero, however because that is the most popular tourist site, the prices are higher. I have found three resorts in Cayo Santa Maria, the Melia Las Dunas, Melia Santa Maria and my personal favorite, the Royal Hideaway Ensenachos. The travel agent I have been working with is finding me some prices for those resorts and then hopefully I can settle on a resort and a package.
  11. Marcus, your work is incredible! I'm just choked because your rates are wonderful, I love your work, but I think we're likely going to be married in Cuba now! I love your hurricane pic Thanks everyone for the words of support....they are most needed!
  12. what a gorgeous wedding! Now that's a fairy tale!
  13. Thank you all for you words of support! As for Twinkletoes question, we really have NO Idea how many people we are expecting. I know for sure there should be around 15, 17 including myself and the groom! However we are extending the invitation to around 90, but I will be very surprised if any more are able to afford to come, but you never know. So, lets say 20 to be safe. As for activities, the major one is great snorkelling, my parents love to snorkel but have never done so in the ocean, which is the only way to do it! I would also love to be able to do some catamaran tours and horseback riding on the shore. But that's about all I know of, I just know that that's what I enjoyed most when I was in Los Cabos Mexico a few years ago. See, my parents and younger brother have never had a "hot" vacation, so this is an absolute first for them, so I want to really blow them away. Thanks all! ~R
  14. Hello All, i am a Newbie here on the forum. My fiance and I have just gotten engaged a few months ago and we have just decided that it makes sense financially to have a destination wedding. Where and when we don't know! I have so far narrowed it down to likely Cuba or the Dominican R. We are looking to keep things beautiful but cost effective! So, any suggestions on locations or dates or these areas are very welcome and appreciated! Thanks! ~R
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