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    ** Coupon + Discount Sharing Thread **

    thank you so much!!! Your the best! Quote: Originally Posted by dc22173 I just got this one this morning. Purchase one book by May 5th and get one free. Coupon code MOM241.
  2. georgiabeauty

    ** Coupon + Discount Sharing Thread **

    does anyone have a MyPublisher coupon code? Thanks ladies!
  3. BUMP - yes, I have mine here, thanks again Carly and Trish. Please check your PM. Quote: Originally Posted by georgiabeauty Got our shawls today here in Georgia!!! Thank you ladies - you're the best!!!
  4. Got our shawls today here in Georgia!!! Thank you ladies - you're the best!!!
  5. Carly I sent payment via Paypal - did you receive it? I am not sure since Paypal was down last night but on my end it shows processed. Thank you again for everything.
  6. Thanks for the explanation - I will send payment right over! Thanks ladies!!! Quote: Originally Posted by carly Ok, I PM'd everyone their remaining balances due to the $0.50 increase in price. I even got some payments already, thanks ladies!! Tami - foxytv - Your PM box is full, please PM me when it's cleared out a bit and I will send you the balance that you owe...
  7. georgiabeauty

    Anyone want this stuff???

    Please check your PM - I'm interested in the flutes! Thanks! ETA: Thank you, lady - I'll be sure to post pics from the wedding or any showers when used
  8. georgiabeauty

    Atlanta BD photographers wanted

    I did four but I wanted to do the shower pics but I was too tall for the shower (LOL). The time went by fast - I was still nervous but Paula and David did a great job of trying to calm me down. Afterwards I remembered that I didn't get to do the "classy nude" pics so maybe I'll have enuf nerves and do them for an anniversary ;-)
  9. Have you tried the City of Marietta? They have an outdoor facility I believe?
  10. georgiabeauty

    Atlanta BD photographers wanted

    Hey Britt! The photoshoot was great yesterday - I am so glad we connected here on BDW. Take care and I look forward to seeing you again.
  11. georgiabeauty

    4 sale: Luggage tag and passport holder set

    I would love them - these are my wedding colors (honeydew and ivory). How much?
  12. Your BM gifts sound great - I hear the eyeslipface.com has great deals on makeup and of great quality. You could get a nice set for less than the $10 lipgloss. Happy planning
  13. Hi ladies - I, too, want to chime in and THANK YOU for taking on such a huge task. I'll be checking in to see when orders will be shipped and when you need the $$ for shipping. Have a great week!
  14. georgiabeauty

    Atlanta Meet-up

    I am in - but it looks like the responses are low. I'll be on standby.
  15. georgiabeauty

    2008 Self Challenge-drop a size in 1 month

    Quote: Originally Posted by Saraha Yikes... after just eating some ice cream and two sees candy I dont wanna know how many calories that was.... twice the reason I should do it! **SIDENOTE** I absolutely heart see's candies - I had it for the first time when I went to L.A. in January I guess I should read more about this size challenge to get rid of my gut! to all of us ladies!!