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  1. I was wondering if anyone knew any websites were I can find some excursions. We are getting married at Iberostar Lindo in May. My guests would love to get some prices or possible book. I am not sure if all the websites out there are legit. I know my FSIL is looking to swim with the dolphins, she would like to book early cause they usually book fast. My FI are looking into horse back riding. Any advise or tips would be great TIA
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by foxytv It DOES include the straps (I wondered about that too after ordering). It just does not include any decorations, etc. My one disappointment with these is that you cannot insert a personalized slip that will show through on both sides. Whie it looks like it's a piece of white cardboard that you can remove and replace with something else ... in actuality ... the white cardboard is intact ... and the plastic is designed so you can only do an insert on one side. Having known this, I would not have ordered these, so FYI for when you get them. So, what I have been doing is using large address labels imprinted with our logo and put on one side, with the personalized info slip put insode the plastic. Does that even make sense? I was just going to post the same thing. Thank you to MsShelley. I was able to find name badges at staples to make mine.
  3. Thank you for the template! I just placed my order with OTC for the luggage tags
  4. I am trying to make my programs and I am following Aylee instructions and it say to add a pic then right click and send the pic behind the text. This is were I am stuck I can not click on it. Does it have to do with the type of file I am working with? Any ideas on how I can do it? TIA
  5. Is anyone getting them? If so were? I know of Quality lip care company providing Lip Balm, Lip Care, Business Promotion, Wedding Favors, Lip,Shower Favors, Dental Business, Beauty Business, Beauty Salons, Fraternity, Sorarity, Chap Lips, Dry Lips, Business Conventions, Business Expos, Business M but they want you to order 100. I am not going to have that many quest. TIA
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