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    My Negative Review of ROR

    I am sorry that your experience was not the best. We did meet your husband-well our bestman invited him to stay with us during stampede if you ever came...don't ask, long story. We had bkft beside your husband on the morning of your wedding as well! I was praying for the rain to stop for you! I did see you on your day and you looked beautiful. I have to aggree with you on the booking policy for the restaurants...they were horrible. A lot of our guests just found that if they went to the restaurant, they would be able to get in because people just don't show up for their reservations. Hopefully you can take the good memories out of your trip and make them really special for you and your husband.
  2. Congratulations! You looked beautiful. I'm sure it was you who we watched jump in the pool. You looked like you had so much fun!
  3. hulahooty

    January 2009 Brides Post Here

    Wow what a great thread. I am also getting married in January. I cannot believe how fast it comes! I am really excited. Its funny how you cross things off your list but then you just keep adding things and you never feel like you accomplish anything!
  4. I think that is a great idea. We all know how much us canadians love our Tim's!
  5. hulahooty

    Tulle, Chair Covers & Sashes - ROR

    I might email her as well because I was wondering the same thing. Do they have enough chair covers to accomodate 55 people?
  6. hulahooty

    Starfish place settings

    sorry I dont have a picture to post. I am waiting for my camera lenz to come in. Thanks for your help. I guess I was just expecting them to be REALLY white not an off white. I think I might practice on one of them to see...I will let you know
  7. So I ordered white starfish online for my place settings and when I got them they were more tan in color than white. Needless to say I was a little upset with them. Do any of you know if I would be able to bleach them to get the color I am looking for? Thanks in advance!!!
  8. I love number!!! It is beautiful!
  9. Many of you have shown starfish necklaces for your BM's in your planning pics. I have been looking every where for some because I just love them! Do any of you know where I can get or order them from. Thanks so much!
  10. hulahooty

    Sunquest Out Of Standard Rooms

    I would try and book as soon as possible. We are staying for 2 weeks. The one week slots are available but the return flight on the 2 week slots are not available back to Calgary.
  11. hulahooty

    Sunquest Out Of Standard Rooms

    I am getting married January 14. We own a home based travel company so we are booking our own quests. Our group rep said that all she can do for us is start putting people on waiting lists becuase all the rooms and the flights are just about full and sunquest is not sure how much room they are going to get from transat and the riu
  12. hulahooty

    Sunquest Out Of Standard Rooms

    We have the same problem! We have the majority of our people booked but there were some that were "thinking about it" CRAZY!!!
  13. hulahooty

    Flower Question

    Does anyone know...if you order with AA how long does shipping take. They said that they could have them out 1 month before my wedding. Does this leave me enough time?
  14. hulahooty

    ROR Pictures

    Congratulations!. You looked beautiful