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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Christine Morgan (of Morgan and Brian) I love your STD that looks awesome. We have missed you around here, you can still plan your local wedding with a DW flair, I did it, let me know if you need help! aww thank you so much christine! i really hope i can incorporate the DW flair... i grew up in fort worth, now live in dallas, but we are having the wedding in austin. that's where i lived for several years when going to college/graduating so it has a special place in my heart. especially because that's where our relationship developed so it is a city that has a lot of significance to both of us and lots of good memories. i think it will be fun. i really wanted to get married on the beach, but i think i'll settle for maybe a TTD shoot on the honeymoon to make sure all the important people can be there. sorry to hijack!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan I just remade it in lumapix & then exported it to a .jpg. It looks just the same. The text gets darker. I realized that your text got more messed up than mine. When you zoom in on it does it still look bad? Sometime text will look funny, but if you zoom all the way in it looks perfect. yeah when i view at 100% it still looks bad... it is driving me nuts.. because it looks sooo good as a pp slide but i can't figure out how to maintain that quality to send somewhere for printing purposes.
  3. Hi there! I haven't posted in a while because my DW kinda fell by the wayside and we are getting married in Texas now (which is fine, it is all going to work out) but I was inspired by this thread while I was working on my STD/invitation situation. What do y'all think of this.. any feedback appreciated. Also, I tried to figure out how to order these through mpix as a 4x8 card but it looks like it is making me select a template... any way I can just order this as a card instead of just a photo. And, when I saved it as a jpeg it seemed to diminish the quality of the picture and the fonts. What should I save it as to submit to mpix for the best quality?? Thanks soo much for your help.
  4. MorganShae

    GA Destination Bride

    Welcome! Fiance is currently in ATL (and I will soon be there as well) so we are considering Chateau Elan as well. Which ceremony and reception location did you choose? Your info will be helpful. Glad to have you here!
  5. Elaine -- I was just at RIU in August (he proposed on the beach there) so I took tons of pictures and can answer any of your questions. I stalked the weddings that were going on (okay okay, I watched from afar) but I saw some on the beach and at the gazebo on the side by the Mexican resturant. I really liked the location of the RIU (cheap cab fare into town) and great views of the Arch... my fiance rode a jetski out there and saw colonies of sea lions and sea turtles which he loved. I wasn't all that impressed with the rooms or room service as someone else mentioned but who really sits in their room much when you are in Cabo? It just depends on what you are going for. After being on the forum for a while and reading reviews of both I think it is easy to see the differences and imagine which one fits your (and your guests') taste better. Let me know if I can help at all. P.S. After thinking about it, I personally think the actually ceremony options at Dreams are better - that gazebo is gorgeous as you can see in many of the girls' pictures. But it depends on what is most important to you. The ceremony may last 30 minutes and people will be at the resort for several days. Good luck.. I think anything you decide will be wonderful
  6. MorganShae

    West Palm Beach

    thought I would share this attachment - info sent to me from the Breakers.. a bit expensive as prices START at $200 per person for reception dinners but it looks like a beautiful venue TheBreakers-Wedding_Packages.doc
  7. i use all the ones mentioned above but use farecast.com to track my fares -- i love their email subscription features. i travel to ATL a lot because that's where FI is and i have an email that comes to me weekly with all the price for weekend trips (leave dfw friday, come back sunday) for the next 30/60/90 days and it gives you suggestion of "buy" or "wait" with a percentage of confidence based on history and future predictions. definitely worth checking out if you haven't before.
  8. MorganShae

    Cabo wedding in August?

    hi there. i was in cabo (riu palace) this year from aug 9-13 and it was hot, but like someone else said, not unbearable... i didn't remember it being much hotter than late may when i was in RM. i think you will be fine! i remember thinking the weather was perfect... a bit of a breeze, no rain, sunshine.. heck i'd rather it be sunny and warm than anything else and you are picking mexico for a reason so expect it to be hot to some extent. just make sure you bring your sunscreen of course! your wedding will be wonderful but carefully pick your ceremony time.
  9. oh Tami I wish I could be there! FI is going to that game (he lives in ATL) but I am still in Dallas until the spring. Do you go to Falcons games a lot? FI loves the Falcons, Braves, and Georgia Tech. Have fun!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by brigopens Once I figure out how to post the map, it will all make more sense, but here's what i can tell for sure. If you want me to email you the pics that the Lomas people sent me, then let me know... Wedding Locations at EDR (listed from south to north) BLDG 55 Gazebo - most secluded/basic gazebo, south end of resort near bldg 55 Presidential Gazebo - Lots of foliage, looks like small area for guests, unsure of exact location. Chapel - Beautiful indoor location seats up to 80 Garden Gazebo - located back off of the beach, large fancy looking gazebo with large area for guests/reception, behind bldg 5 White Beachfront Gazebo - next to salt water pool in front of Bldgs 1/2 Casitas Gazebo - beach location with some foliage, between casitas blocks 27/28 Undetermined Gazebo -- Looks like smaller all white gazebo located on a pathway in the resort somewhere. Can't find any more info... If I ever figure out how to post pics, I can put up a picture or two of each of the locations... I'd love to see the pictures of the wedding ceremony sites/gazebos if you can post them! Which one is this one??:
  11. MorganShae

    Ask a stupid question..

    here is my stupid question: why can't my best girlfriend realize that she needs to end things with her boyfriend because he clearly does not give her the attention, respect, love, etc. that she deserves. i feel like my hours of counseling get flushed down the toliet when he finally realizes what a dumba$$ rude idiot he has been, he breaks down and calls her and apologizes and she runs right back. when he does that, she forgets what we discussed for hours and that she needs to expect and demand better for herself and not let herself be manipulated! whyyyyyyyyyyyy? ahh sorry that was more of a vent than a stupid question.
  12. MorganShae

    Hi ya'll! Bora Bora 2008

    Hi there! Welcome to the forum. I don't think we have any Bora Bora brides.. although it would be awesome if we did. I looked into Bora Bora and Fiji... truly would be a dream come true, but you are right, having any kind of traditional/christian ceremony didn't seem like an option anywhere... even to do any kind of legal ceremony i think seemed pretty difficult. if you really want to do it there you might need to consider doing it in the US first, or right afterwards. or, some of those polynesian ceremonies looked really cool in my opinion. nonetheless, keep us posted!!!!
  13. MorganShae

    Blessing Stones Ceremony

    Erica, That is so crazy... I actually saw this same website tonight and came to the traditions section to post it and see if anyone had done this before. I think it is really cool and unique.
  14. jill.. thank you so much for sharing. this is exactly the kind of thing that works for me. i'm visual so i've always put pictures of VS models in my kitchen and things like that as reminders. seeing that glob really does remind you that losing 5 pounds can make a difference.
  15. oh my gosh i love them!! we are trying to pick a photographer for our engagement photos and it is so nice to see something other than the traditional backdrops and poses, ya know? not that the 'your hand on his chest to show the ring with a nice tree behind you' is bad... but i love the uniqueness of your shots. congrats!