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  1. Don't listen to those negative reviews. I was there and I LOVED it!!! and almost everyone who came with me loved it except for my sister who is a complainer... So those people who wrote negative reviews are like my sister who just like to complain about everything. The resort is beautiful, the food is very good, the wedding gazebo is beautiful! I had people asking me how I ended up picking this resort, they absolutely LOVED it! So don't worry, everything will be great!
  2. I loved the resort when I stayed there couple of years ago. The only wedding I saw was the one that was right on the beach at 10 am when people were gathering in their bathing suits. But the resort is HUGE! I don't remember them having a wedding gazebo though (unless they built it now).
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by MagsieMexico Yes, I can't always find the hotels on the maps, similar to this, does anyone know approximate distance to Grand Palladium Kantenah and Gran Bahia Principe Akumal, and Azul Beach Hotel? Thanks. I stayed at Bahia Principe Acumal couple of years ago, I think it was a little over an hour from the airport.
  4. Honestly, I don't remember how much DJ was... Sorry. that dance floor was $500. It was pretty nice actually. It wasn't too big, so if you're having a lot of people its not big enough (I had 25 people). I'm sure Claudia can help you out with size. It wasn't too dark at all, and where we had a reception it wasn't very windy, even though it wasn't very far from the ceremony site. There were lights around and candles, so it was just perfect. Mariarchi band was fine, it was a good addition for the coctail hour. Don't expect a lot from it though. For reception you have an option to have it on the terrace but it really isn't impressive at all... I added some pictures to my profile from the reception, take a look
  5. We had a reception at night, everythign was lit up. We did have a dj but we brought our own CDs for him to play. We also had a dance floor, so if your guests will dance, its worth it. Otherwise, its kind of expensive. We have ultimate wedding package, so yes, we did have a mariarchi band, and they played during the coctail hour.
  6. I'll be glad to answer any questions, I was in your shoes not that long ago... Photographer: I hired Michael from Wedding Photographer for Cancun, Riviera Maya . He has many packages as far as how many pictures you want. I had him for 2 hours and he took about 500 pictures and gave me CD right away to pick pictures from. When I got home I picked 100 pictures that he printed (80 4x6, 20 5x7 and 2 8x10). He printed them and mailed them to me along with high resolution CD. So that was pretty convinient. Resort Photographer: Since I had a wedding package, I was using resort photographer for ceremony pictures and some reception. Pictures came out good, I think I have about 20-25 pictures. Compared to Michael, you can tell these weren't made by a professional and she didn't use digital camera either. Video: I used the person provided by resort. He took the video of ceremony and part of reception. He actually did a really good job and our DVD was available next day. Reception: We had a sitdown dinner and a coctail hour before that outside in the garden. Everything was beautiful. I brought my own decorations since I didn't want to spend a lot of $$ on flowers for tables, but it was too windy and I couldn't set anything up. Claudia (wedding coordinator) did put something like a centerpiece with candle in big hurricane vase. So unless you want flowers, don't worry about bringing your own centerpicies. The food was very good, everyone liked it a lot. Please keep in mind that its really really windy near wedding gazebo!!!!!! So make your hair accordingly. And I mean REALLY windy! my vail was flying in all directions!!! what else... Sound system: you do need sound system for the ceremony because noone will hear anything you'll be saying. Its too windy! I know its expensive but worth it (for video at least). Hair and make up: I think they did really good job on my hair, although it took them 2 hours to do it... Make-up was so-so, I had to make them redo it 4 or 5 times... They were making me orange for whatever reason... So keep in mind to tell them what to do. I think this covers most of it. Please let me know how else I can help!
  7. Hi all, I got married at Dreams in January, I'll be glad to share my experiences. Overall experience was very good, Claudia was very helpful! We did hire an outside photographer from Mexico. Yelena
  8. Hi all! I'm a Dreams bride (or should I say newlywed) Just had my wedding at Dreams this past week-end. If any of you want more information, please feel free to write, I'll be glad to answer. We're going on our honeymoon tomorrow but I will respond when we'll return.
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