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  1. Lol...one of the many reasons this site is superior to TK. Yes, I'm subscribed to this thread I had my hair/makeup done at Blu by Len down in the romantic zone. They actually came out to my hotel. I have tons of info about vendors and stuff in my knot bio's (zoegirl & zoegirlTX). HTH!
  2. 1- when we were comparing, the prices were similar to Dreams. If Dreams is less than $20-$40 a day, then I'd upgrade to Dreams. All of our guests thanked us and Raved about it. 2- Have you checked prices though Discountallinclusive.com or Funjet? 4- It's in the Hotel Zone of PV with several other big name hotels. Closer to downtown than the Marina or Nuevo Vallarta. HTH
  3. P.S. we had some difficulty getting the prepaid transfers back from the hotel to the airport. Something about the taxi drivers being very territorial and getting upset when they feel a "transfer driver" is stealing a fare. There are taxis 24 hours at Dreams, so you never have to wait to hop in one.
  4. We arrived as a large group and used both cabs and pre-paid transfers. I think the cabs are cheaper and more efficient. We never had any problem getting in Dreams, but the do monitor which cabs come and go. We had guests leave articles in cabs TWICE, but we contacted Dreams/concierge right away and they were able to track the taxis and returned the items. I was VERY surprised and impressed.
  5. That's great! Our guests LOVED the cigar roller- they were fascinated by him and just thought it was the coolest thing ever. I'd paid for so many cigars to be rolled, but he also "sold" more to guests (mostly custom rolled, cubans, etc). Hope you can budget it- you won't be sorry~
  6. I used Ray Dion with Promovision. I was happy with his services and the prices are very reasonable. If you'd like to see a short clip, just email me.
  7. Didn't have our wedding there, but stayed there and loved the property. I've only heard rave reviews from brides that come back from weddings there.
  8. Yea...I'm finally not a NOOB..whatever that means. hahaha.....
  9. We stayed there on our HM. There were 2 conferences/conventions that were there. I'm not sure how "large" they were on any scale. It wasn't a big deal, the hotel was just more crowded than usual. We'd see signs for the events and lots of people dressed "not vacation-y". I guess it would depend on how big the group was that came and that you weren't trying to check in at the same time they were.
  10. We had dinner there on our HM. Super cool restaurant and it would an amazing place for a wedding. We took some phtoos if anybody is interested. I'd also say that one of the downsides maybe the construction in the area that you must drive though to get to the restaurant and then also parking.
  11. Eh..I'm not to good with this forum yet. Plus there are so many pics of my hair/makeup and the trial and my girls, I'll give you the album with some from my BM and the hair trial. Snapfish Hair Album I might have some better ones at home too.
  12. I used Len at blu by Len. There are photos of my hair and make up trial and obviously my wedding hair/makeup in my knot bio.
  13. I'm VERY partial to the south side with the mountains and all the green jungles. In that area (south of town/ Mismaloya) there is also the Intercontinental & Barcelo that I've heard good things about.
  14. I was quoted like $150 or $200 per hour for a DJ and I thought that was really crazy. I think that using an IPOD for the downtime when the band isn't playing is totally fine. We had a "monitored" IPOD at our reception and it turned out fine.
  15. Welcome & congrats! I just returned from my PV wedding a few weeks ago. Although we didn't marry at Dreams, we stayed there and LOVED it. I would tell everybody to stay there Let me know if I can answer any questions.
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