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    Hi guys, I am getting married in May :-) I saw pretty nice floral crowns at the miami wedding photography page https://www.maleen-johannsen.com/wedding I would love to wear this as well. Now I was wondering: Do you have any experience with it? How expensive are floral crowns? Is it possible to order this at your florist - Or is it possible to do it yourself? Thanks for your help!
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    Both are gorgeous - but you never know what the short one will look like until you order it and try it on. Is it able to be returned if it doesn't work?
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    This is, what I found on the webpage, and would love to wear.
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    It's your wedding. Do what YOU want to do. I think both are gorgeous!!! But my feeling is for the long. It's simple but very elegant and I think it would suit beautifully for a wedding in Italy. I wouldn't even shorten it for the AHR. You could absolutely but why? It's your time to celebrate. You don't have to go the whole route. You could put a single flower in your hair to make it more simple if that's what you want. But the thing about a destination wedding is there are no rules. Go with what you're comfortable with, not what it her people think you should wear. My vote is for the long dress. Good luck and let us know the final decision. Sent from my SGH-I337M using Tapatalk
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    Hi! I did all fake flowers except for my bouquet. I just put them all in a carry on and brought them down. They were fine when we got there Our resort charged way too much for natural flowers, which is why we went the fake flower route. If your resort charges you something decent, or if they let you work with an outside florist that can give you good prices I would go with natural flowers . Our resort didn't let us use another florist.
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    I actually had a real-touch flower bouquet made by a local vendor here in Southern California and then flew with them, and then a family friend made our centerpieces for the wedding reception. Everything traveled extremely well, it's a matter of packing your florals correctly with enough cushion so they don't get flattened out. And then also the willingness to "fluff" them and fix them should you need to once you arrive to your destination. It's totally a great idea if your destination is a place that either doesn't carry the flowers you want or if they're simply too pricey. Also a good option if you want your flowers to look exactly how you envisioned. Surprisingly for me, having my flowers made was actually much more affordable and now I have wonderful keepsakes as well Here's a photo of my bouquet ...
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