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7 Steps to Get Your Wedding Started!

Yazmin De La Mora



This is definitely one of the firsts questions that all Brides have asked herself before getting married. With our experience, we have simplified everything into 7 points, which we consider the most important in making the process easier:

1. Choose your Date. It could be a meaningful date for you both. Do not forget to consider the season and weather of the year. If you, or both of you, are very romantic perhaps you should consider the moon phase. Avoid choosing wedding dates during major religious Holidays, sporting events, cultural holidays such the Holly week, Christmas, Olympics, Super Bowl, etc. because bride and groom should be the main focus of that day.

2. Define your Wedding Style. Glamorous, romantic, classic, modern, ecological or casual, this will add a unique touch and will reflect the personality of both.

3. Determine Budget. You must define the budget for your wedding. By establishing your budget you will avoid last minute surprises and will allow you to know how many people you are able to invite, if you should choose a Destination wedding or change your wedding style.

Food and Beverage will often eat up more than half of your wedding budget. The remaining budget will be for flowers, music and other details such as invitations, decor, lighting, etc.

So, take the time to understand the real priorities in your wedding, Determine your priorities, keep an open mind about your options when choosing a wedding venue, menu, photographer, flowers, cake, wine and the rest necessary items for the wedding.

4. Select the Ideal Location. Once you have determinded your budget. You need to take some time to define what your needs and style are. This is the most important factor in deciding which venue you will go for.

5. Choose your favorite color, flower or theme. We suggest you work on choosing a theme or color that reflects your personality. You can combine colors from the same color scheme or contrasting colors (no more than 3 or 4 suggested).

The wedding venue, location and time is an important factor to define the color or theme for your wedding, For example for a summer weddings white accents will keep the color scheme bright: add in brown hues for a winter wedding to create a warm and pleasant color scheme.

Once you have defined the color. This will help to choose the color for the tableclooth, flowers, centerpieces, decor, boquet, bridesmaid dresses or cake.

6. Personalize invitations, accessories and amenities that complement your wedding style. The wedding invitations are actually one of the most important aspects of the wedding. They provide a ton of important information such as your wedding style with your personal touch, and making sure you include all that information will make your wedding run infinitely more smoothly.

7. Mix and Match all the details that will make your wedding unique. The main idea is to get all details together, from invitations to every single detail in an unique, original, refelcting your style and personality.

But remember that the single most important aspect of planning a wedding is the successful selection of reliable, reputable, responsible, serious, concerned, and committed Wedding Proffessional who will assist you and help to plan one of the most important days of your life!

Learn more at: Yazmin De La Mora Weddings

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Guest GauchoSteph


Super helpful! I'll remember to take a look at this when I start planning!


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