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  1. Checked in last last night in Akumal after an air transat screw up made is 6 hours late. So happy with the Don Pablo collection so far. Got gold bracelets with red stars. Haven't seen a single butler yet had one come around yet but hopefully we will. Villa 66 right near construction but haven't heard a peer out of them. 4 days until the wedding!!! I meet with my eeddiy planner Latisha at noon
  2. Hi there! The bnb is http://www.villatortugas.com They are rated really well and have replied to all my emails in a timely fashion. No way in hell I would pay a $300 vendor fee. I booked 2 days for $45 a night. First day Fernando is doing a trial and then he's staying the night and will help me get ready the next day. He had been wonderful!!!
  3. I have never heard of anyone making a deposit. They should have you pay on full when you check out
  4. We were slayed to have dinner at the Arlequin but after the planner sent me the new menu for the restaurant we didn't like the choicee so we have now picked dolce vita. On another note it strange... I was given Jasmin as a wedding coordinator and emailed back and forth with Linda of course. Then all the sudden they told me I will now be dealing only with a lady names Latisha. Not sure what's going on there but on the bright side she's responding to my emails daily. 2 weeks today till we leave!!!
  5. Soooooo after thinking long and hard about it I have decided to hire the regionally famous Fernando from The makeup pros to do hair and makeup for the wedding. I knew that in the past its been impossible to water makeup in the Mayan heat yet alone on my wedding day and the cost to buy all new photo ready waterproof makeup was huge... Plus I have no guarantee it would look great. The reviews I have read for the resort spa have been far from what I want ever yet alone on my wedding day. So the snag is the "zero tolerance to outside vendors" policy. I know there could be a way around it with a day pass as a "friend" but not going to risk it and be left screwed for hair and makeup. So I contacted Fernando and he is pissed with the resort but said if I can find a way around it he would give me and my girls discounts. Well after nearly crying over the situation I got angry enough to find a way. Screw resort policy a bride should be able to hire who she wants. So the solution? 5 minutes away from the resort is a cute little Bed & Breakfast. $45 per night must book 2 nights which is perfect because I will use the day before to do our trials. Fernando is doing my hair and makeup for $280 normally $350 for my troubles and now I'm getting really excited! Airbrushed makeup so hopefully it won't sweat off. 30 days till my wedding!!! Saturday we are having a tiny legal ceremony and will be officially wed. During the legal ceremony we will say quick vows and exchange rings etc... My question is for people who have had a legal ceremony at home whole doing symbolic at a destination wedding.... What do you do with your rings? They ate exchanged at the legal part so do you then take them off till the destination wedding? Thanks in advance. Getting excited now. BTW still no reply from Jasmin
  6. Your wristbands will be gold with black stars and you will not be able to go to akumal or sian khan. The only wristbands that let you in those resorts are gold with red stars
  7. Hi Ladies. Just wanted to share a photo of the new wedding location in akumal built last week. I wasn't there bit someone from another group I am in posted it. Jazmin still has not replied to me in 6 weeks and I'm not happy. We leave in 42 days and need some answers so I can finish making plans. Linda responded saying jazmin was to busy to reply. What upsets me is that yo fate I have not spoken to her once not even an introduction email even though she was assigned to me 6 weeks ago. Oh well. Now I'm looking for advice on makeup for the wedding that won't melt off or look white in photos. Hopefully past brides have some suggestions
  8. Same here. Not a word from her and our weddings are in less the 60 days. Getting pissed off
  9. @@CatrinaMcG i was worried at first but when I learned Jasmine was my coordinator I felt relieved. We are long time Bahia guests and ate friends with management and for years they have told us about how wonderful she is. I'm thankful we got someone who is a veteran coordinator who has been there for years I'm sure we will see you around!!!
  10. Ladies please keep in minds you normally will not be assigned a wedding coordinator till the 3/month mark. My wedding is coming soon and just got one assigned. Linda has done everything till now and although I have been assigned a coordinator (jasmine) I still haven heard a peep from her. I have been dealing with the Bahia for 16 months and was always told that no coordinator is assigned till 3 months prior and as much ad us brides worry it will all be fine
  11. Wonderful Ladies, looks like there are a lot of Calgarians! I have just ordered everything for my OOT nags. I used oriental trading, got some great deals but shipping and customs are terrible!
  12. This thread looks dead! Is there any current Calgary brides?
  13. Yes I filled out the form and where it said booking number I wrote TBD I also mentioned it again when I emailed it to her. she actually only had 1 time available but it was 2pm which is perfect for me. That is strange because I asked Linda in September if I could marry on the Akumal side if staying in Tulum and she said they would make it available to us for the duration of the ceremony. In the end I choose to just stay in Akumal.
  14. I actually got all my dates and location confirmed before I actually booked my trip. I told Linda that I was not booking flights just to find out my dates weren't available. She had no problem with it. I booked the trip 1 month after confirming everything with the resort.
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