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Best Wedding Apps!

Planning Tips

Planning a wedding is never easy, especially when your wedding is going to be held 1000’s of kilometers away. Between finding your perfect dress, organizing the seating chart, creating the perfect playlist and countless other tasks, anyone (an eventually everyone!!) can turn into a Bridezilla!! Thanks to a handful of new apps, wedding planning has gotten easier. Sharing, organizing and planning can now all be accessed at the tip of your fingers. Below you will find a few of our favourite wedding planning apps that will help you, your betrothed and your guests stay on track before, during and after the big day!!


My Wedding DJ


With brides and grooms looking at places to cut costs, My Wedding DJ offers clients the option of saving on the growing expense of a DJ. Renting a sound system and playing a continuous stream of music you handpicked throughout your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception or a combination of the 3, can really add a personal touch to your wedding. With hotels becoming more tech savvy, the majority now offer sound systems that are iPod compatible (just remember to check before hand!).


Steamclock Software has launched this app for both the iPhone and iPod touch that helps brides and grooms plan out all of the music for their wedding. My Wedding DJ gives brides and grooms a stress free way to run music throughout their wedding and have their MC/onsite wedding coordinator simply slide “next” at each part of your wedding! Worried about awkward silences between songs? While skipping to the next song, the music fades gracefully for all pauses and stops. The best part of all, the app allows you to modify your music plan on the fly and even takes requests! The app is available to purchase through iTunes for only $1.99 – a great deal to ensure that your reception music is flawless; however we can’t guarantee the same for the moves on your dance floor!



Appy Couple


Appy Couple is a stylish way to create and publish your own mobile wedding app (and website!).  The DIY platform allows you to completely customize your ENTIRE digital suite to share all your wedding details. It’s private, easy to use, and will ensure that your guests have everything they could possibly need all while staying socially connected to the bride and groom. To create an Appy Couple account, you simply start by setting up an account at appycouple.com, where you will pick from hundreds of designs. Don’t see what you are really looking for? The designers at Appy Couple will work with you to make something completely custom to your vision.


Once complete, start adding your personal touches! Manage your pictures & stories, RSVP’s, meal preferences, registries, travel information/contacts and much more! Best part – no technical skills required!!! No monthly fee, no annual fee. All that is required is a one-time set-up fee of $28. You entire digital suite: your app, website & coordinating emails, all included! With unlimited guests and app downloads to apple and android devices, all your guests will soon have everything they need right at their finger tips!




Wedding Party


Wedding Party is a simple, fun way to capture and share all your wedding experiences! It is a great way to collect all those candid moments from your guests that your professional photographer missed. The app is completely free and can be quickly downloaded using Facebook or an email address. Even if you are having a destination wedding, this app is a great idea as it will allow guests to upload the photos upon their return home with just one click!


Some features that we love about the app: guests can leave comments on each other’s photos, photos are organized based on the time they were captured creating a wedding timeline, Facebook albums are created with one click and all the photos are available to view for those guests who could not attend the wedding on the hosts website. The process is so simple (and fun!) and will allow you to relive all those moments you missed while awaiting your professional photos!



very useful. I like the wedding party one. It's a lot cheaper than buying a whole bunch of disposable cameras and then actually developing each roll of film to get a whole bunch of pictures that are worthless.
Jul 25 2013 07:36 AM
I just signed up for the Appy Couple. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
We are using WedPics! It's pretty easy to use! It also allowed us to add a page to our wedding website that explains the process and gives our guests the chance to download the app from home before leaving for our wedding. They can upload any pics using the resort's wifi or wait until they get home to upload their phone pics (and even the ones they took on their regular cameras)!
Aug 02 2013 03:24 AM
Love that you all are using these apps - saves money and your time (which we all know as brides is priceless)! If anyone has any other suggestions, please share away!!
Aug 08 2013 08:28 AM
Thanks to this article, I am using Appy Couple (I even got it for free!) Thanks so much, and I look forward to reporting back. I really think my guests are going to get a kick out of it!
I wish I had known about Appy Couple! Definitely checking out the DJ app!
 I am adding this to my list 
Such great suggestions! I wish I would have know about Appy Couple before....do you think it's too late to change our wedding website?! I already sent out the invites! DARN!  

Thanks to this article, I am using Appy Couple (I even got it for free!) Thanks so much, and I look forward to reporting back. I really think my guests are going to get a kick out of it!

i am thinking about appy couple! is there any other wedding site that its been useed for destination weddings that makes it easier?
how did you get it for free? :)
I really like the Wedding Party app
Great tips!

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