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Mayan Palace Review

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My fiance's mom and husband have a time share there so we stood with them for the last couple of days of our vacation.


When we walked into the hotel, my first impression was "SWANK-Y and First class!"


This property is BEAUTIFUL!! They had a room ready for us so we were able to check in. We had a suite which had two connecting rooms that were divided by a kitchen and living room. The rooms were nice, but they were a little old. We were told that they were tearing down the rooms next year and would be remodeling. We had a stunning view of the pool and ocean. Every morning I would peek out the window to make sure it was still there - and yep - it still was!


The housekeeping was inconsistent. Sometimes they came at 10 in the morning, sometimes 2 in the afternoon, and sometimes at 3 or 4. It made it hard because we have a 2 year old who needed a nap in the afternoon and a couple of times me or my fiance we were there with the housekeeper which is always kind of awkward. Also, the rooms with the kitchens have small refrigerators and you have to pay for ice there.


We didnt have a patio which was kind of a bummer because when you get your clothes wet, they never dry! At Paradise Village we were able to lay our wet clothes on the patio chairs and let them dry, but we didnt have that option here, so we ended up sending a bunch of stinky clothes to the cleaners.


At this hotel, everything is laid out far away from the main lobby of the hotel. We did a lot of walking. The only thing that wasn't a far walk was the distance from the boardwalk area to the ocean. Also, out by the beach they have an area where the vendors are. You can buy jewlery, carved wood items, dresses and other souveniers.


We ate in the main buffet restaurant for dinner and for breakfast. Both times the food was good. They have this "green juice" for breakfast. It is pineapple, parsely and celery juice. It is different, but really good. They had these fried empanadas (turnovers) that were filled with chicken or pork during the dinner buffet that my fiance thought were delicious. We ate at another restaurant there which is at the far end of the pool area. It was an outdoor restaurant and was very good as well.


The best day we had there was hanging out at the pool and just relaxing. They have a beautiful swimming pool and have daily activities. When we were there we took advantage of the 2 for 1 mango margaritas! It was $6 for two. The cups were as big as a medium coke at McDonalds. I didnt think the food there was overpriced. The waitstaff there were all very nice.


One thing they had by the pool that we thought was really cool was pottery painting. I know - it sounds cheesy, but you do a sort of paint by number with pottery which costs $6 to $12 or so, and when you are done, the pottery people (Tomas and Angel) fix up your painted pottery with all the details that make it look like Talavera pottery. It is so cool! It is a very relaxing activity, it doesnt' cost a whole lot and you walk away with a cool reminder of your trip. My fiance painted a picture frame for like $12, and the next day I painted a small trinket box for $6. We plan to put a picture of our trip in the frame, and we brought back some sand to put in the trinket box. I'm telling you - once you start, it is addicting and you can't stop!


Overall I thought the Mayan Palace was wonderful. I actually felt like I was on vacation while staying there. The property is beautiful. We saw a lot of cool iguanas. There is a canal that runs through the property where people were kayaking and were taking little gondola-like boats through as well. The landscape is manicured and is very beautiful. The beach offers some beautiful sunsets as well.




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Originally Posted by amyh View Post
Celina, thanks for the review. But is this a review of the Grand Mayan Palace in Nuevo Vallarta or the Mayan Palace in the Marina (in Puerto Vallarta)?
This is for the Mayan Palace in Nuevo Vallarta. It is right next door to the Grand Mayan.
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