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Has anyone sent out virtual STDs via email? I would love to send real ones too, but I'm running out of time and feel like I need to at least send virtual ones (and maybe call the few relatives I know who don't use email). Is there a classy way to do this or is it just going to look cheesy? How did you go about it? Create and attach a .jpg file to an email? Or a .pdf file? Or did you use a 3rd party software or website service? Please lmk!


I also have to scramble to set up a wedding website to include on that STD email. I saw Ann's wedding website list, but I'm wondering if anyone has a particular favorite that is extra customizable (using only your own graphics and photos)?


Has anyone has gone the blog route, and if so, were you able to add an rsvp form into the blog, and if so, did you use someone else's code to add it in to the html or did the blog software easily allow you to do it?



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Wow lots of questions - most of which I don't really know the answers to. I think a blog would be a really good idea, as long as you kept your links up to date (with the proper direction to each entry... eg. Ceremony Info).


Regarding the virtual STDs... I remember someone here did their invitations this way. I believe it was Sarah (SASSYGIRL). She showed me a sample and they looked great, plus it kept track of everything for her (yes and no's, how many sent, to whom etc). The site was great. I'd contact via PM her to see what she used

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I sent an email STD. It was a photo of us in Cabo with very basic info and a link to our wedding window website. It was "framed" by my invite paper, so when the real invites came they matched. If you PM me your email, I can send it to you so you can see what it looks like in an email.

Our guests thought they were cute. But they were very basic, no rsvp technology.

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We have done EVERYTHING via the internet... we sent out STD's with a link to our website (we used Wedquarters, we love it~), and a couple months later we sent out our invites via email as well (also linked to site).


I wondered about this being a faux-pas, but our guests have responded very favourably. We printed out the entire site and had it bound for an aunt and our grandmas, who don't have email. We just keep them posted with updates by phone. We password protected the RSVP page of the website and put the password on the invitation.


Both the STDs and the invitations are simple word docs... we wanted to make sure everyone would be able to open them. Jason did some fancy stuff on his computer and sent it to me, but since I didn't have the programs, I couldn't open the attachment. We have lots of family out in rural areas who are still on dial-up, so we didn't want this to be an issue (*we tried downloading some fancy fonts, but they didn't open either*). We just put text on top of meaningful pictures using paint, and they worked out beautifully!


We decided since we are having a DW that we could push the envelope a little, and it has worked out really well. Total cost for STDs and Invites: $0.00!!!!


Let me know what questions you have,



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We sent this out via email back in August when it became painfully clear that FI and I were the most indicisive people who ever lived (we couldn't agree on font for the STD):


Hi all,


So you've heard the rumors but itâ€s finally official….we're getting married in Mexico! You'll be getting the invitation in the mail in a few months, but because itâ€s in Mexico we wanted to get you dates, room reservation and flight information ASAP because the prices are only going to get more expensive the longer you wait.


Here are the wedding weekend basics:


· Welcome Dinner – Saturday, May 24, 2008


· Ceremony – Sunday, May 25, 2008 (Memorial Day Weekend)


· Occidental Grand Xcaret, Riviera Maya, Mexico – http://www.occidentalhotels.com/grandxcaret/index.asp


Your hotel stay on May 24th and 25th has been arranged for, compliments of Robin and David XXXXXXX. Steve and I are going to be there Thursday, May 22nd and invite anyone that wants to extend their trip to join us. Please call 1-800-858-2258 and reference “XXXXXXXX†to book your hotel reservation. We have also arranged for airline discounts. Go to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com (our wedding website) for airline discount codes, as well as additional wedding and travel information.


If you have any questions, please donâ€t hesitate to email me or Steve (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.com).


We hope to see you all there!


Galit and Steve

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Thanks everyone. I'll PM SASSYGIRL and fogdog for their examples.

Nespie - That is great that you were able to save $ and the environment! but for me it is more a time issue - in theory I'd love to have beautiful STDs but I'm not sure about the time. And my family would croke if I didn't have paper invites. Its the east coast NY wedding seriousness thing I guess (where I'm from originally). Anyhow, I'll figure it out!

amyh - I send out evites for every little party I have and I wanted my wedding to be special. Man, maybe I'll do paper and online STDs?

Galit - what you did is SO what I'll end up doing knowing me. I'm too much of an indecisive perfectionist so I either go all the way or um, just get the point across simply :).

Anyhow thank you all for your quick responses!

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