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Jill's (Jak27) Fiesta Americana Los Cabos Wedding Review - REALLY LONG W/ PICS!!!

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Wow, this is the greatest description I could imagine for someone trying to start planning a wedding for next year at Fiesta Americana. Thanks for all of your information! I had some questions that I was wondering if you could answer for me:


Did you ever work with a Rosalba at the resort? She is the one that has been e-mailing me. It sounds like the people you worked with were great, and would love to call someone that can speak english and talk about the options for things there.


It sounds like you used a lot of vendors for the majority of things, band, photo, video, wedding planner, etc.? Was that expensive to have them all come long distance for this? Were their any local vendors that you might have used. I have heard lots about the cake company so it sounds like that is the best.


Do you recommend having a wedding planner from home? or do you think you could have also gotten by with the two at FA and help from family or friends?


Did you have a informational website that people could go to and look at the plans? if so, would you mind sharing it?


Would you mind sharing the rate that fa gave you for rooms for your guests? Were you able to get something for discounted airline tickets for your guests?


Was costco or la europea cheaper for alcohol? I love the idea of mini marg and tequila for the gift bags, and the tequila tasting night!


Love the Imperial Suite for a dinner one night for all the guests! Was there a restaurant on site that you also looked into doing a welcome night for guests on the night before your wedding? I saw the pics of the suite which is awesome looking place, love the ipod playlist for entertainment, and possibly doing a video of friends, family and us, for that night too on the tv there.


How much was the imperial suite to rent out?

Where was the ballroom and terrace located where you had dinner. Would your recommend those parts for that? I love the cigar roller. Did you pay per cigar for those, or how did that work?


I have only seen the whale terrace and grass area for ceremony and reception/coctail hour. Do they ever actually set up a dance floor out there too?


That is just a few questions, sorry for the amount:)! Just a little overwhelming figuring this out from a far. We are planning to do a site visit in Sept or October.

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Hi Jill,

Thank you for an amazing review. Sounds fabulous! 2 Quick questions - who did you use for the cigar roller and how did you find him? Also, do you have the recipe for shrimp shooters or are these on the hotel menu?


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