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Has anyone been following the recent news surrounding alcohol related incidents in Mexico... specifically in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen hotels. Iberostar Paraiso  is mentioned, but incidents have been reported at other resorts too. Some theories are indicating hotels are served bootleg alcohol and/or have deals with local hospitals to extort money from guests. 


I've had a few guests contact me regarding some recent alcohol-related incidents in Mexico and I've reached out to our hotel, Azul Senstatori, but haven't heard back yet. 









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Hi all, TA Wendy Here... Please allow me to share my thoughts on the recent reports you may be hearing.

Mexico is a very safe place, and the resorts are very safe. Over the years I personally have sent literally thousands of guests to resorts in Mexico without incident. The Cancun/Riviera Maya area receives millions of guests per year, with the VAST majority having a great experience. I myself typically go there alone or with friends/spouse/groups about 4 times per year without incident of any sort.

Unfortunately, whether you are at home or abroad, you can never guarantee safety 100%.
In my personal experience, I have observed that it frequently happens that people arrive at an all inclusive resort, hang in the pool all day in the hot sun, drinking at the swim up bar, much more than they normally would, and maybe forgetting to hydrate properly, and they can and do have ill effects from consuming too much alcohol. I recall one gentleman at a wedding I helped arrange and attended, who went out on the wedding day, and spent the day golfing, drinking the entire time, and he wound up passing out in his room and missing his best friend's wedding from a combination of  heat stroke/too much alcohol.
In the case of the two siblings that has received so much press, it is tragic and sad, but also it must be noted that these two teens each consumed at least 5 shots of tequila in a fairly short time. This would certainly knock me out.
I would never try to push anyone to go somewhere they dont feel safe, but please just keep in mind when you read stories like these, that the whole of the Cancun /Riviera Maya economy is based on tourism. Almost everyone you meet earns their living in one way or another from tourism. It would be extremely short sighted for resorts to allow a tainted product of any sorts to be on their menu that could result in a huge drop in bookings, and potentially collapse their entire economy.
When /wherever you travel, domestically or internationally, some common sense rules apply pertaining to watching your drink, not leaving it unattended, not drinking to excess etc. This is just the world we live in.

Sorry to be preachy, but I do know that the VAST majority of travelers to Mexico have a safe and wonderful time there, and I hate to think that a couple of sensational stories could be cast as normal when they certainly are NOT the norm.

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