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My boyfriend and I are "eloping" this summer in Italy with only our family and a couple of our best friends. No one else knows we're getting married, we're not "engaged", we're trying to keep it as secret as possible (which is very hard!!).


A month after we get home we are having a "celebration" reception for the rest of our families and friends.


I'm starting to write out the envelopes for invitations and I'm not too sure what to do about my boyfriend's work friends and their girlfriends invitations. I asked him to get their names nonchalantly but he says just to put "and guest". I think if they're serious enough to bring then they should be named on the invitation too. He counters with, it's just a party, not a formal wedding so we don't need to be so formal. Help! It makes it even harder that we're trying to keep it a secret so we don't want anyone to get suspicious either.

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So do I love nclude the groom's parents names on the invite if they aren't paying at all, and my parents are paying?

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