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Hey friends! 


So I am at the very first stages. My fiance and I live in Manhattan, but want destination. I'm a little overwhelmed with the choices & every time I think we found the perfect place we find an issue as to why it won't work. I know it's OUR day & we've already gotten the opinions of everyone imaginable, but we do want to be some what accommodating to our guests. So here are some guidelines / dreams we are hoping to find:

We are thinking Bahamas, mainly because it is a short flight from NYC. It's also the only island we have been to together in the Caribbean. 

What other options are close?


We don't want to blow the bank - $30K MAX.


We liked Sandals, either Bahamas or Jamaica, but they are adults only.

As great as that sounds, there is a handful of close friends that would have to bring their kids.. and we're cool with that.


Loved the Cove Eleuthera, but it seems super secluded. We don't want our guests to have to go broke over us if they only have the hotel's restaurants to choose choose from. 


I think we might want all inclusive, but not a spring break atmosphere..


I'm probably talking myself into a corner, but I know it can be done. Right? 


Any advice helps! 



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Welcome to our forum community Melissakworo, and Congrats on your engagement and planning for a destination wedding!!!


We're based in the romantic Riviera Maya, Mexico, which is a highly popular destination for so many MANY wedding couples :) You can see some very beautiful reasons why in these magical wedding moments that matter we've captured here lately......enjoy!!!


Taken from our Grand Sunset Princess Wedding Story Album:



....and this from our Grand Palladium Wedding Story Album:



...and this is from our Iberostar Tucan Playa del Carmen Wedding Album:



Hope you find all the answers you're looking for! Wishing you happy research and all the best with your plans - cheers!!! Moments That Matter Photography team :)

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Hey @@Melissakworo


You have so many options, the Bahamas is so pretty, but Cancun and the Mayan Riviera are too. It´s a 3:50 minutes straight flight away from NYC. Have you think about it? And is so pretty.

There are a lot of Resorts with really good packages for different budgets, some of them have amenities and activities for your guest´s kids, they are really going to love them. 

The good news are that you are at the right place, we are here to help you, just click at the Resort Reviews, believe me, there are options with really good prices. 

Let me show you some of my Cancun, Riviera Maya pictures. Just take a look, you are going to love them.



This is Now Jade...





Look at this... Breath taking.




You can find more at my Web Page and my facebook fanpage.

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Dear @@Melissakworo

First of all CONGRATULATIONS!!!.  Been engaged is one of the most exciting times in anyone’s life! (won’t you agree?)


In regards to your concern, we invite you to check our venue, which is a secluded beach at the south of Puerto Vallarta. There are direct flights from NY to PVR and what makes out venue so unique is the opportunity to have a private wedding with outstanding natural scenery, at a magical place lit by candle light that invites everyone to enjoy the moment and celebrate love! 

With our most private option, your guests will arrive on their own boat, and witness your ceremony with the Pacific ocean as a background and our team of wedding coordinators will be in charge of making your vision come to life!


We invite you to check our website for more information and here are some pictures from our previous weddings:

Destination wedding, Las Caletas Puerto Vallarta

A private beach area for a romatic and magical ceremony

Candle light at Las Caletas

Fun Dona cake!!

For more information please visit us at: http://www.adventureweddingsvallarta.com/

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