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  1. Thanks for sharing! I am contemplating booking Val or a wedding planner, since I don't know any vendors, or much about Punta Cana (or wedding planning). Is it expensive? It seems it was totally worth it for you. Any tips would be much appreciated.
  2. Hi ladies, I just put down my deposit at Kukua for our wedding October 2017. Bego is so sweet & made my heart melt when she offically "welcomed me" as a Kukua Bride. That is pretty much all I have done (aside from try on a couple of dresses!). Any advice for planning a destination wedding, suggested vendors, tips on how to save money or not stress out are GREATLY APPRECIATED! Also any must haves that Kukua offered that you included (or wish you did) would be helpful. Few things about me: I am a procrastinator & have never been a girly girl that knows exactly what I wan
  3. Hey friends! So I am at the very first stages. My fiance and I live in Manhattan, but want destination. I'm a little overwhelmed with the choices & every time I think we found the perfect place we find an issue as to why it won't work. I know it's OUR day & we've already gotten the opinions of everyone imaginable, but we do want to be some what accommodating to our guests. So here are some guidelines / dreams we are hoping to find: We are thinking Bahamas, mainly because it is a short flight from NYC. It's also the only island we have been to together in the Caribbean. What o
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