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Eloping- In The Us!

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Hi, my fiancé and I are planning to elope in the United States. We are going to have a small ceremony for us 2, then a reception for family and close friends. Then, we want to go on a crazy honeymoon somewhere like Fiji.


SO, my question is - does anyone have any ideas for places to elope to, or venues for a reception?


Our budget is $5k for everything (ok maybe $10k since we are including the honeymoon). We live on the east coast, so something there would be best for the reception... but the elopement ceremony can be anywhere in the US!!


Thanks in advance for the help. Searching online is so overwhelming!

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Greetings halesj, welcome to the forum and Congrats on your elopement in the U.S.!!! how exciting and romantic, for sure :)


We've captured several elopements in our romantic Riviera Maya (our home base) so can share some magical wedding moments that matter we captured at them......enjoy!


Taken from our La Blanc Wedding Story Album:






Taken from our Beloved Hotel Wedding Story Album:





....and this from our Elope to Mexico Wedding Story Album:





Wishing you happy research, and all the very best with your life journey going forward - ENJOY!!! Moments That Matter Photography team :)

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Hi @@halesj!
What about NYC for your BIG DAY?
The Metropolitan Building in Queens is huge and with this pretty French style. I think it´s a good option for your destination wedding.
Take a look at my photography job, i´ve made some engagement sessions taken in NYC, we walk all around, Brooklyn Bridge, Time Square, everywhere!
You can check out my wedding sessions too at the Riviera Maya, Perú, The States... just check it out, i bet you are going to love it.





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