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Is This A Good Idea ?

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Hello all,

Well, my best friend is getting married next month, it’s a destination wedding, and she has planned for a bachelor  party. We want to do something really special for her, and it should be super fun. So, we have decided that we all will wear t-shirts with their pics on it, and will gift her one too. I think it will look good and she will love it. But, the issue is we don’t know any place from where we can get such customised t-shirts printed. One of our friend suggested Club Inks, a digital printing company, and they have digital textile printing service. Has anyone done anything like this ? I wanted to know if this will actually look good? Also, any other ideas ?? Some quotes to be added ? Thanks for helping.!!


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@@liza I made custom t-shirts on customink.com that came out really nice. I am not sure if you can put a photo on it though. The fewer colors you use on the shirt, the cheaper.

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