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Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica - 2018

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Hello Ladies!!


Congratulations to everyone!!


The better half and I have decided on the Grand Bahia Principe for our destination wedding. As we are paying for this ourselves and could potentially have 44 people we need time to save so we are planning May 2018.


I am looking for some help in pricing for the wedding packages so that we can get and approximate budget and what we would be looking at. We realize pricing will most likely change but it gives us something to work with.

We already have a TA who is a friend of the family. She is helping us work numbers for the flight and everything. So its just the wedding packages and extras we have no idea about.


Would anyone out there be able to help us out?


Thank you so much!

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Hey Girl,


So ill be getting married at the Grand Bahia in September of this year so I know about the packages and how stressful it can get.


For me after I got my 16 guests to confirm on their flights and they were paid for I started working with the wedding planner at the Grand Bahia her name is Callisha. So pretty much all wedding planning and correspondence is by email which I am still finding very frustrating, however they usually grt back to you within 3-6 days so don't expect a response asap.


They have a couple of packages for different prices and I believe the max amount of people is 30 however Im sure the wedding planner will explain other options for you as your wedding group is 44 people. Or what they might do is everyone after the 30 people depending on the package you get there is a fee for every additional person. Since my wedding is very small and Im not really your typical bride I opted for the free wedding package which is pretty basic. But remember nothingg is ever really free lol. I will attach a link that should take you directly to the resorts wedding packages.


Once you introduce yourself to the wedding planner they will send you a form called Wedding Wishes and another form for you to write down all of your guests names, booking number, and any special requests. Your wedding wishes is pretty much anything outside of your wedding pckage that you would want. Please note the language barrier is frustrating because the way we explain things they will say the same thing but differently and please remember everything has a price and its all in US $.


In the wedding wishes packages they send you will need to orint it off and fill it out (I reccomend printing two sets of copies using one copy as a rough draft) they have eveything from your bouquets, boutinierres, cake selection, food selection, dining, reception, etc. Please note rake your time and review as the wedding wishes oackage is not the most easy to understand and you will most likely be going back and forth with the wedding planner to ask questions (I almost gaurantee it). It took me literally 3 weeks to fill mines out and send it in because of the fact i had to keep going back and forth and the response woyld be every couple of days.


Once you fill that out you scan email it back to your wedding planner and then pretty much go over everything again when you actuallybget there.


The only thing I decided to pay for was my bouquette, boutinierres, and rose petals. I know for a fact (because I asked about it) a private covered area on the beach for the reception is between $1500-$2500 USD you also pay per person for the food and alcohol as well as per person for the cocktail hour which for me didnt make any sense because Im aready paying to be on an all inclusive resort. You also pay for your music at the recption even if your bringing your own usb you gotta pay for the equipment you pay for wverything from chair covers to flowers to reception to wishing lanterns to bamboo arches so as long as you keep that in mind and you're ok with that. My specific bouquet is $200 the boutinierres are $37 the rose petals for the flower girls are $45 single flowers (that I chose) $37 im sure it all depends on the type of flowers you choose. The wishing lanterns are $16 each my specific bamboo arch for the wedding ceremony in the beach is $600 food packages will vary on the type of food you choose as well as the alcohol ranges from $12-$45 per person for dinners 16 people or less they can choose from an al a carte parties over 16 people you pretty much have to choose from a list they give you and everyone will be eating the same thing (appetizer, dinner, and dessert)


Photos & videographer I highly reccomend tou bring your own. You pretty much pay their passage and you know what you're gonna be getting. If you use the people the resort deals with wihich is TropicOne its pretty pricey. Ill attach the prices I was sent by Ornella who works at TropicOne Studios and please be sure read all the fine print theres always something in there you will end up asking questions about.


Packages link:



I really hope this helps you out even a little bit. Whoever said destination weddings were simple and stress free never had to plan one lol. But you should be good since yours is in 2018 I literally decided in May to get married in September. Good luck and best wishes.





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If you don't mind me asking- which package did you choose?  We are planning on a wedding in December 2017 at GBP.  We are still in the fresh stages of planning there.  Do you have to pay for alcohol at the reception if your guests are all staying at the resort as well?  

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@@KJThompson so am I right in understanding that if you want a private sheltered reception on the beach there's a cost for the space. Then on top a cost for food, drinks etc er person none of this is included in any of the packages?


Wow the more I am looking into things the more expensive it's seeming! There are hidden costs for everything!

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Did anyonr do the semi private dinner included in the wedding packages? How private is semi private? Are you in the middle of a restaurant with other ppl or segregated a little? Do they allow any decorations?

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