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Hi all!


I was hoping to get some insight from those of you who have had a wedding at the Grand Palladium Vallarta, another Grand Palladium Resort, or attended any!


I am still quite a few months away from our wedding, and we don't have to make any more major decisions until 3 months out from the wedding. It isn't that easy to get a hold of the onsite wedding planners, so I can't really get the answers I'm looking for from them. 


I am just not really sure what to expect on the wedding day. We are having our ceremony at 4pm, and are paying for a private reception. I am not sure what this "reception" even means on a resort. If anyone can provide me with some details that would be great!!!

For example,

-I don't know where on the resort this will take place;

-how long we have: is it just dinner, or do we get a dance afterwards too;

-is alcohol included with the dinner (open bar style? or how does this work);

-do people do speeches at these types of receptions? does the resort provide any microphones/sound system for us? 


If you have any of these answers I would appreciate any help :) 


Thanks in advance <3

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Hi @@katja10 and welcome! I did a search on the site for posts about your resort and unfortunately didn't find much. There are quite a few for other Grand Palladium resorts so you could still do a search up top to get those threads to come up. I think they would still be worth looking through.


Are you working with a travel agent? That would be your best place to start. Hopefully you have a travel agent that you're working well with but definitely ask questions. As well, you can still email the resort. They'll answer eventually but usually they do answer. it's just that weddings that are coming up immediately take their attention. If they're good at destination weddings they should be able to give you an idea of how things work. As well, what about just googling? I found the link below that is worth reading. It tells you about the packages and so on. As well you could look at trip advisor and see what is said there, aslong as you remember to take it with a grain of salt. Not everyone that posts on trip advisor is very happy so you need to realize that you just can't please some people. Keep looking around on the internet. I found pictures of weddings of your resort. There is also Pinterest. Key in your resort and see what comes up. Read as much as you can find and read reviews here from other Grand Palladium resorts. I'm sure there are some similarities that might give you some general information that you can look at and that will give you information.




Good luck!

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KatJ10 ~ 


Call the person above this coordinator to light a fire under them.


This is sub par treatment & you deserve so much more! 


Explain to the higher up that you have expectations and they are not being met.  (kindly of course)


That you would like a phone consult and even a Skype to walk you through the venue explain things etc. 

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