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Puerto Vallarta 2017 - Too Expensive For Canadians?

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Congrats Kim on your first year anniversary!!! and Congrats to KitCat on your upcoming dw and joining our forum community - welcome!!!

You'll find lots of great info here, for your planning decisions, so well done on a great start already :)

For some added inspiration, here are a few wedding moments that matter we've captured in our magnificent Mayan Riviera....enjoy!


....from our Grand Sirenis Wedding Story Album:







Hope you find the info + answers you're looking for, wishing you happy research, and all the best with your plans - cheers!!! team MTM :)


Your photos are always gorgeous!!

@KitCat  Congrats on your engagement and planning a destination wedding!


Unfortunately I completely agree with the other comments. I don't see how you would get a guest rate of $800 even if you were looking at hotel only. My guess would be closer to $1400 or more but that's only a guess. I'm in Ontario so don't know what the rates are from Vancouver to PV. You've picked a nice location though. There are some really nice resorts in the area of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. My husband and I have been to PV and really liked it.


I know there was an agent here that the ladies had some success with but I haven't seen anything recent about her. Have you checked out the vendor reviews at the top to see what past brides are saying about their agents? I know there are also 2 new canadian agents that have joined this site so you could get in touch with Wright Travel and ask them about the canadian agents. You can contact Wright through this site. They own this site and the owner is also a destination wedding bride.


Good luck and happy planning!!

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@@KitCat Congratulations and welcome to BDW!  My name is Preety Jaswal and I am a travel agent with BDW and based in Vancouver as well.  I agree with all the previous posts that a $800 budget is unrealistic for any destination.  Feel free to private message me or contact through this form here  so we can go through what it is you are looking for your dream destination wedding.

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Hi @KitCat Congratulations on your engagement!!!


Las Caletas is a truly magical place to exchange your vows and celebrate this special occasion. It is our private beach cove in the south bay of Puerto Vallarta and is only accessible by sea, giving it the seclusion and ambiance of an island hideaway. It covers an enormous area and features several beaches, a pyramid amphitheater built into the tropical forest and mountain side, various facilities/buildings (spa, kitchens, eating areas/restaurants, bars, restrooms, etc.), and several hundred acres of tropical forest. We have plenty spaces for April or May 2017 (including weekends) 


Take a look on our wedding packages, designed for 10, 30 till 100 guests, we Include transportation, ceremony and reception set up, food and open bar:  http://bit.ly/PlanYourWedding


Beach wedding decoration

Table Setup Idea

Flower Centerpieces

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800 is a very low number - you are looking at closer to 1500+ per person for a nice 4+ or 5 star AI resort.  If you can find a nice complimentary or reasonably priced package - some on that 12000 may have to be to help guest costs if you expect to get near that price point.  talking to TA will give you a much better idea of what you are looking at and for

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