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  1. Thanks @@AmandaU! That is super helpful to know so I won't be wasting my time looking for a budget option that doesn't exist. Honestly it sounds like it will still be cheaper than trying to have a wedding in Vancouver, for everyone involved except our Vancouver guests. Did you use a travel agent or local wedding planner or just book everything yourself through the resort?
  2. Thank you for your replies! I guess we need to adjust our expectations regarding the cost for our guests. We had based it off the fact that about 5 years ago we went to a wedding at one of the RIU resorts in Mexico and only paid $1600 (for the two of us) which included flight and all inclusive 5 days stay, and I think the resort was either a four or five star. Mind you the dollar was stronger back then and we probably got lucky with a good deal! I guess for our guests coming from the East Coast $1500 won't be any worse than flying out here for a wedding considering the cost of a flight from the east coast to Vancouver and then hotels + food here. If any Vancouver brides have recommendations for a good local travel agent, I would really appreciate it!
  3. Hi all! I am a bride from Vancouver, Canada and I am just starting the planning process. My fiance and I originally wanted to do a destination wedding sometime in April or May 2017, for both the cost savings and the chance to get to spend a good amount of time with our guests (many of whom are coming from out of town). We are looking at Puerto Vallarta, but with the Canadian dollar being so low now, we are realizing that the cost might be too high - not just for us, but for our guests who we will expect to pay their own way. Our budget for everything is $12,000 and we don't want our guests to have to spend more than $800 a person. We are expecting anywhere from 20-35 people. Are any other Canadian brides out there struggling with this decision?? Any recommendations for a kid-friendly resort in PV that is nice, family-friendly and reasonably priced? Any recommendations for a good travel agent to contact? Thanks in advance!
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